Holly is a gifted healer and teacher. Her sessions are incredibly in depth and will take you to levels of healing that you cannot imagine.

Highly recommend and honored to call her my teacher and my friend.


Holly Earth Guide does amazing work. She has helped me come into my power by guiding me through an incredible spiritual journey.

Truly a life altering experience. Thank you Holly

Alison Johnson, Daughter to Manuella
Jennifer Ferraioli
Manuella Zarate-Johnson

Very empowering . I had goosebumps the whole time . Definitely a powerful session . Thank you for helping bring out the goddess in me . Can’t wait to return.


After attending a workshop for “birthing” a medicine drum last summer (2021) that Holly helped facilitate and host, I wanted to learn more about Shamanism and so I contacted Holly.

And so my journey began. Holly is awesome, warm and full of love. She has become my teacher, mentor, friend and sister. I have joined in on several of her offerings which led me to wanting to learn more. I’m presently in her Shamanic Life Empowerment Mentorship program which is wonderful, awesome, enlightening, spiritual, healing, and magical. I’m learning to overcome some emotional blocks and getting in touch with my “inner me” as well as meeting my spirit guides.

Next is Shamanic Reiki 1.

And so I journey on…

Karen Nefos


Holly is an amazing and spot on intuitive healer! She picked up on so many things that I had not told her, and helped me release a blockage I’ve struggled with for two years. Highly recommended!!

Manuella Zarate-Johnson

So I feel like I need to give a more thorough review 😁 Holly is absolutely amazing at what she does. I get chills every time and can literally feel the energy moving in the space even distant sessions. I have tried traditional therapy and just ignoring my pain thinking nothing would work for me and I have to say after only a couple of sessions I am feeling better and better!!! Thank you so much Holly Troupe for sharing your gift with the world 🌎 we need more healers like you ❤️😊🙏🏻


Holly is deeply gifted in reiki. In her sessions, she brings many other types of healings if they are needed, such as essential oils, crystal energy or guides. She is knowledgeable, and sensitive and so calming. She senses where you need to be open and gives you messages on how to help you do that. She has helped me along my journey. I plan to see her often. She is the real deal.


 Whoa. I read this last night and it touched me deeply. So deeply I just sat there and thought about the emotions Your story stirred in me. I couldn’t put words to a response so waited until now.
Your ability to take Your story and weave Your truth into words to be shared with all of us who love you is beautiful.
For Me, your sharing is a gift and I am honored. It also feeds my faith that at some point before I leave this beautiful planet, I will have reached the understanding of My own story and be able to hold all my fears and negativity to the light, to Grandmother Spider, God, Great Spirit and all other celestial spirits and release the hold they have on me until only the lesson they’ve taught me is left behind and I am free.
I hold space in my heart for you always. Thank You again for sharing,

Little Hummingbird
The Wisdom is in the Circle
Little Hummingbird, Karen

Holly is an incredible healer and a loving being/friend. I’ve NEVER doubted her capabilities and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to witness her growth in intuition, and spirituality first-hand. You won’t regret coming to her for guidance or healing!


Holly is an incredible beacon of light that has helped transform my life in many ways. Her authentic healing practices helped me remember my light and my inner wisdom. I have had many powerful experiences and my life has shifted in many ways with Holly’s support. I have stepped out of fear, less fear based reactions, stepped into new life events, deepened connections, stepped out of relationships and behaviors that no longer served my highest self or my righteous path. I appreciate Holly’s energy work and practice, she is truly a gift to this world!!


Holly Troupe is a powerful energetic and intuitive healer. Her gentle presence and intuitive intelligence are magical. I highly recommend you book a session or train with her! You will be so glad you did

Manuella Zarate-Johnson

Greater I am for knowing you Holly! As my story is so much like yours! I too was silenced! I was persecuted! I had this great empathy. I couldn’t understand, how or why I was feeling others feelings, nor what the purpose was, or how to stop it from almost destroying me many times. I ran, and I walked too many lonely miles and roads. Until I heard, or saw something, a bird, a tree, a special stoney creekside, a hollow in the thorns to crawl into for protection. Sometimes someone would stop me in my tracks, seemingly out of nowhere. Which was Spirit holding space for me to feel connected once again to love from being unloved. She’s discarded, back to center fully loved and supported! I’d close my eyes and its all swirly but I didn’t know it was. Now, thanks to your powerful love, sharing and coming to get Shamanic Reiki and Healing and studying with you. I know love was always there surrounding me, keeping me faithful, even when others failed to stay in faith, and tried to harm me! Thank you Holly so much for all that you are, ever were and ever will be, Love Maureen

Photo Credit Maureen Geary SRLI

Maureen Geary
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