Soul Sessions

Includes all healing teachings, techniques and modalities. Usui, Kundalini and Shamanic Reiki. Sound healing, Channeling, Spiritual Advice and Reflexology are just a few.

Depending on what you need at the time, Holly may be guided by your past and present loved ones, or even to provide healing from distant lives that may surface. Other healing modalities may also be used:

– Healing Touch (Usui/Kundalini Reiki)
– Shamanic Healing Techniques
– Full-Body Reflexology
– Sound Healing through Chants and Light Language
– Tuning Forks
– Healing Movement through Full-Body Reflexology
– Essential Oils and Crystal Therapy
– Theta Healing (Belief work both past and present

Healing sessions with Holly are a unique experience that varies for each person – no two sessions are ever alike!

$125 Energy Exchange

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