• Shamanic Soul Journey Healing Sessions

    Healing channeled through vibration and sound frequencies of prayer and song.

    Holly Earth Guide

    Call upon your Spirit Allies to travel through space and time to clear away any blocks that are restricting you from moving forward on your path of purpose.

    Healing Includes and not limited to…

    • Healing Touch (Shamanic, Kundalini & Usui Reiki)
    • Healing Sound (Light Codes/Light Language)
    • Past Life Regression & Soul Retrieval
    • Release of Negative Attachments & Heavy Energy
    • Cord Cutting (release of negative emotions & memories)
    • Integration of Healing
    • Spiritual Counseling

    This healing service can be done distantly or in person.

  • Shamanic Healing Mentorship

    Shamanic Healing Empowerment Mentorship

    Holly Earth Guide

    Marrying Reiki with Shamanic Practices through healing and wisdom. To aid in a journey of self discovery.

    Learn the ancient indigionous Shamanic and Earth Practices of healing. This mentorship is created to aid in helping self and in your healing practices with others.

    All sessions are catered to your needs and desires.
    We meet 4, 8 or 12 sessions bi-weekly.

    Sessions are at least 2 hours long and on-going support and wisdom to carry your through and beyond the series is extended when not in session.

    We will work towards Shamanic Healing Practices and teaching to aid in empowerment and growth.

    This healing service can be done distantly or in person.

  • Spiritual Counseling

    Spiritual Counseling

    This is a time set aside to aid one in their journey of healing and growth.

    We will settle into the Earth Energy through a brief guided meditation.
    Discuss what is heavy and limiting and what is alive within your heart that is in need of light.

    We will channel Great Spirit for Earth Wisdom and guidance to assist in moving forward.

    This healing service can be done distantly or in person.

  • House/Land Cleansings & Blessings

    House/Land Cleansings & Blessings

    Home/land assistance in cleansing and blessing to restore the energy.

    To assist in aiding energy to transition and move forward.

    Requirements: 1 Spiritual Counseling Session, Private Healing Session(s) (if recommended), Follow-up Call

    “When we open our hearts to the Great Mother to offer her healing. She will call out to us, she will warm our hearts and ask us to open up fully to her. For when we give all to her she heals, when her children heal, the earth heals. For we are her we are the wild earth.”

    – holly earth guide –
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