Weaving The Family Prayer Rug

WA-MA-CHI – Breath, Matter & Movement, God, Great Spirit

WA: Spirit breathes an idea to come

MA: Mind, Brings it to manifested consciences

CHI: Movement of a new idea in a physical body

“I spoke with Holly and Seth a week ago. We had lunch with their sons; Troy and Fisher. They told me they have been engaged for a long time. Now they have chosen to get married. They told me they have gone through a lot of change and healing and they told me that all of this had made each other better people. Aho.”

– Tom Bissinger –

What do you wish for this couple? Contribute a word or phrase or brief sentence.

What do you wish for Seth , Holly, Troy and Fisher as a blessing as they enter into marriage?

Beautiful Fisher sings and drums “Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit”

Prayer Rug

What came to me while working on this painting while thinking of Holly and Seth and their marriage ceremony. That this painting was a gift both for and from Seth and Holly. Basically, you asked for a blessing and thus gave one to me. Having that inspiration, the idea of the painting become a metaphor for threads of rug that weave marriage.

Your prayer rug, Holly and Seth has already been assembled. It’s called, Family Rug.

Family Rug

Your lives are weaving, woven threads, connecting, changing, mutating. Caring for each other. Playing with each other. Nourishing one another. All woven beautifully. Marriage aske that we continually open these individual threads to each other, generously and gratefully.

Now let’s look at the relationship in the painting. One large rug, fresh and young and another on the right side small, older weathered, hardly in the picture, on its way out. We all know that we will become the old rug one day, well worn as we leave the earthly plane. So we carry the new and old, young and aging, in our hearts. Children grow and we age. One is not greater than the other. We are the beauty way. Possibilities, becoming. At all ages. May we honor and love each other as we follow and create paths of transformation.

We weave our lives, sow our destines, Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, says “We are Vibrations”. Vibrations. This life requires a letting go, releasing “How its suppose to be” and embracing the present. moment. That takes courage, so honor your courage, your creativity, honor and nourish it with love for all the people.

The Family Marriage Rug is two energies playing with one another, taking time for your own spiritual work, your own private time, and the surety that the four of you make a family that will continue to surprise and delight. Continue to weave a life together and the threads, the golden threads and sparks of spiritual light will hold you in times of trouble, despair and doubt. Listen and love.

May the carpet of marriage carry you, whether standing, sitting, lying down or sleeping with the cat or dog on it. May it remind you, Seth and Holly, Troy and Fisher, that life, is a great adventure:

Life. Light. Love.

– Tom Bissinger –

Prayer Rug – Family Rug – Tom Bissinger

The Weaving of Love, Our Vows

Holly, you have shown me the light and have given me many gifts that last a lifetime. You are caring and a loving mother to our children. You have helped me heal and look at things in a new way. You have taught me to trust in the healing and to simply just be one with our great mother. To honor those who walked before us. You are my best friend and the love of my life and I am forever grateful for all that you do and to have as my wife. Holly Lynn, I love you.

– Seth Bernard –

We have been lost in this world a time or two. I never thought back in high school how you rescued me from being bullied would one day lead us to this very moment. You barely knew me then. Yet unaware to us both you knew me fully and completely already. You understood my needs and heart without speaking a word. You felt my heart and knew. 

You took me to woods, 

You took me to the waters, 

You took to trees and too stones. 

You gave me room to breathe.

You left an imprint on my heart that day. When I saw you again at our best friend’s wedding. I made a promise to tell you how thankful I was for how kind you were to me when we were younger. Well that evening things didn’t go as planned and there you were. You knew I was hurting, yet again. You came to my rescue, yet again. You helped me find my breath under the stars in the woods, one more time..

Seth from the very first moment we kissed I felt you deep within my heart. My whole body screaming “I love you”. People speak of the honeymoon phase but I can honestly say I love you more each day. You love me and my crazy wild ways. You support me. You know how to play and that I adore. You watch the moon in my honor. You pay attention. You listen. You are present and devoted to the boys and fully honor our needs.

What I love most about you, is the sound of your heart beat. I love hearing you breathe. I love feeling the movement of life within you. I love feeling your energy and I love melting into all that is you. I truly love your very essence, your heart, and the very vibration that is you.

I’d get lost in the woods with you over and over again. Deep in that forest, I know I will always find you, time and time again. You are my love and you flow through me. No words can ever define the depths of the heart. These things can only be felt.

You understand my needs and heart without speaking a word. You feel my heart and know.

Take me to woods,

Take me to the waters,

Take me to the trees and to the stones.

Breathe with me my love,

Melt into me and I will into you.

My sacred dancer, keeper of the heart, I love you completely with all my being.

– holly lynn –

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