Stone People Hike and Sacred Items!

Stone People Hike and Ceremony

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2022 AT 9:30 AM

  • Greater Honey Brook Area
  • $20 energy exchange
  • Please reach out to inquire (not open to public)

We will gather in circle and ceremony to honor the Spirit and Medicine of the Stone People

  • Land and Land Spirit Acknowledgement
  • Land Blessing and Healings
  • Aimlessly Wander
  • Sacred Ceremonial Prayer
  • Shamanic Guided Journey into the heart of the Stones


Elderberry Syrup – 8oz $20 – 16oz $30

Plant Medicine – Can be used as tea, smudge, offerings and or healing bath

All infused with Multiple Layers of Healing and Created Through Spirit

Silent Moon – Lavender, peppermint & chamomile

Great to help calm and relax the mind, body and spirit. A great tea for in the evening to aid in rest.

Sweet Waters – Tulsi, lavender, chamomile, raspberry, leaf & nettle

This tea is an intuitive tea knowing exactly what the body needs. Inspired by the land & spirits.

This tea is uplifting yet calming.

Porch pick-up only – Will not sell to strangers

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