Solstice Reflections

She Found Her Voice Among The Trees and Stones

Sometimes I think back and feel sad for the little girl I once was. Afraid and sad.

Children shouldn’t feel so sad and alone so young.

Then I remember the gift she has given me.

She found her voice among the trees and stones.

I am who I am today because of her.

She knew her heart was filled by flowers.

She found Spirit in the howl of the winds and the chatter within the trees.

With a little shift of perspective

A moment of stillness and reflection

I now remember a child, a child very wise indeed.

I live my life for the child that resides within me

She’s the one mixing magic and talks to stars 🌟

Her voice could only be heard in the forest and that is exactly where I found her.

– Holly Earth Guide –

With the earth I belong

In a world full of people
I was afraid and displaced
In the world full of trees
Is where I call home
With the earth I belong

– Holly Earth Guide –

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