The False Are Falling So The Sacred Hearts Can Rise.

The messy parts excite me.

Although the chaos may seem hard to bare at times.

There is an undercurrent of beauty for those whom choose to not only face the chaos but to submerge themselves within the darkness of self.

To learn to dance with their own darkness. Is a flow of difficult truths.

To sit too long is to resist flow.

To sit long enough is to honor the Sacredness.

To honor Sacredness is to have faith in the Great Mystery.

To have faith in the Great Mystery of Spirit is to have have great faith and courage in self.

For your very own darkness is the Greatest Mystery of all.

With a bit of love once the perception is softened enough to see through the mess.

One discovers that the mess is the Wild Earth waiting to be discovered and only the beholder can understand their own landscape, their own heart.

I can support, I can encourage, I can hold space.

Oh my heart be still…

That mess is magic

That magic is yours to own.

Once you claim the truth that exist deep within your darkness, your discomfort.

One will experience love.

Unconditional, everlasting love.

A love that can not be spoken of. It can only be felt, through embracing and loving all that is you.

Oh my my heart is singing, I adore you all.

This circle, this tribe.

The false hearts are falling so the sacred hearts can rise.

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