A Moment of Stillness with the Great Earth

Rock Hollow Woods

We gathered under another full moon. Not many showed up to the last circle here at Rock Hollow, a very small gathering. I did extend healing to all those that were a part of our time together here. One that came shared her sighting of a rainbow. We could see the rainbow over the Rock Hollow Woods. As we squealed with delight, we then took notice of a double rainbow. We really took this rainbow in and looked at the vibrant colors coming through. A beautiful purple light that was so rare to see, blessed this sweet sight.

Now I must tell you. Before these woods became Rock Hollow there was a family that lived on the property full of magic, a deep love for nature and a deep connection with Spirit. There was a story told of the magic rainbow. A story full of magic. The dear elder shared this story with the children and wore a rainbow dress. A legend of the Rock Hollow Woods indeed. By the dear elders’ wedding tree I believe (I could have my facts blurred) she found the end of the rainbow. Her body turned to light. All while her dear husband strolled the land speaking with nature taking in his own delight in sight of the magnificent rainbow.

Now as we strolled the property we were drawn to the rainbow on this day of the full moon. We followed in rainbow light. We felt called to sit in a circle in a different spot than in the past. I took a moment to connect and ask where we should gather. I heard under the great wedding tree by the old house where the elders of the land once lived. The creek below, the cathedral above us.

We took a moment to gaze at the wedding tree and take her in.Connecting with her energy uniting and merging with the tree. I felt called to suggest if one felt called to soften their gaze and continue to take in the beauty. I really felt the need to share how those that gathered had an inherent knowing within and to let this flow. I later found out dragonflies danced above our heads and flowed with the channeling sounds of the drum and chants.

I truly felt blessed, the elders showed up and thanked us. My eyes rolled deep into the back of my head as channeled and my sight vibrated so rapidly. I surrendered to this and then in a moment my sight became still and was filled with golden light.

The elders blessed us this evening with the rainbows, with the purple, the dragonflies. We all had an experience this evening that I know we will carry with us all deep in our hearts forever.

There are stories that live within the land. The stones carry wisdom. My deepest wish for mankind is to be able to come back home. Home to the self that lives within. That understands the nature that lives within and the beauty of our reflection that lives within her. Cherish the moments you connect with the untold and unknown history of the earth. These are stories that are often lost. Teach your children to unlock these mysteries. These mysteries can be found in a moment of stillness with the great earth.

4 thoughts on “A Moment of Stillness with the Great Earth

  1. Love this,thankyou for sharing


    1. Yes what an amazing blessing


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience and the love story of the people that lived there. 🥰🦌


    1. Yes indeed amazing


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