The Final Land Healing

I lost count of the weeks and the healings! Oddly enough I felt and knew in my heart this round of healing on the land was complete for now. I say for now because as in all things I know we are always whole and complete just as we are. We can and will always go back inward when it is time.

I honestly feel the land has shifted and is more vibrant than when we began this journey of healings. It was not always easy. There were times I needed to step away due to my own inner work. Is it that land that has opened its heart to me? Is it my eyes that have shifted so greatly?

I now see the depth of nature that lives within us and how nature is a reflection of the beauty that is us. Nature is Great Spirit. It saddens me to know there is such separation still. Even in a Spiritual context, the divide that we must go higher. Missing the key ingredient which is heart and roots, this all lives deep within, deep within the earth, deep within us.

My sight has become more clear to this beauty and yet I know this is only the beginning.

We, I say we because I see now fully the aid and help of my guides. There is a team that I walk with, that we all walk with. 

Over the weekend we explored the journey space with a group of beautiful souls. During the journey process the energy of the evergreen brought in the magic of the butterfly. As we worked to understand our own internal waters, we were called to connect with our hearts. To become more familiar with this area in which we guard. The heart holds such deep emotions and feelings. We tend to block ourselves from feeling the depth of our hearts because it is indeed painful. 

As Spirit guided us to breathe into our hearts the vibration became deeper. Some were asked to anchor their hearts into the heart beat of the earth by rolling over and breathing their belly, their hearts into hers. We came to learn this day that the rare and beautiful Luna Moth was discovered on the Ancient Lands that we have been working to heal. Her connection to the work we were doing at the workshop showed itself on the Sacred Lands reminding us that these lands are one. The work each soul was brave enough to step into was rippling out and Spirit was whispering softly yet profoundly, “I see you sister”. 

A beautiful sacrifice of the magic of the luna moth to bless the land.

The story doesn’t end there, though. My dear Aunt discovered a hawk as she drove to the barn she enjoys spending time at. A moment of sweetness and silence in her life. A moment in which she speaks with nature, she speaks with Spirit. A place of healing and a Sanctuary in which she finds God. She caught the eye of a hawk perched on a tree early in the morning.

On her way home she found the hawk now laid to rest on the road. She carefully boxed the hawk up and took him home. Before long we had the hawk with us. We took the hawk home. We took him into our yard. Our family; Seth, my partner and my two sons sat in Sacred Space. We prayed to the hawk, we thanked the hawk. We journeyed to the Spirit of the hawk and breathed new life into the hawk. Each one of us took turns singing, praying, clearing and letting our magic touch the magic of the hawk.

We took the hawk then deep into the woods, to our Sacred Grandmother Tree. The tree in which this journey of the Land Blessings began. That transpired into weekly land healings. There was no other place to take this Hawk but to take him home. Home by where the springs, the blood of mother earth flows, where the owl lives, where the trees still talk. We again gave thanks, placed cornmeal and beautiful flowers into the grave of the hawk. Thanking this beautiful creature for its life and beauty. Thanking this creature for the medicine and gift it will bring to others. This hawk united many lands and many people together. We each have our own stories, our own perspectives but in the end all that matters is we will be carried home. Our hearts will transition and our souls will live on. Our medicine will never stop giving.

This hawk, this land is more than I can ever explain. I can see the depth of this story but I can never articulate the beauty of its meaning. There are not enough words to explain what has happened.

The land where the healings were of focus was a land once full of life and love. Where my own aunt fell in love with horses. This land had the medicine of the mighty evergreen. So she was miles away speaking to spirit through her love of horses, I worked with the evergreen tree on my land and home. She found a hawk, we tended to his Spirit and returned him to the sacred land where we all came to know and love the earth. Spirit carried us all home, yet we were all apart.

This hawk was never apart from the earth, he was perfect and perfectly one with the Creator. He now will return to the soil, to the heart of the Mother. His body will transition and he will be birthed anew. His essence as the hawk will carry on and he will continue to give. He will give in a new light he will give in healing. He will live on.

1 thought on “The Final Land Healing

  1. That was beautiful. Made me cry for the hawk and the beauty of the story. Thank you for sharing. 🥰 🦌


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