Spring Equinox Collective Healing


Happy Spring dear hearts! Thank you for allowing me into your energy fields to connect with this amazing femine energy that is birthing within us and all around us. The Divine Masculine looks over protecting us all so that we can emerge. The masculine role is key in our awakening without this energy we could not rise. With our energy the masculine could not be bold, protective and wise. With each other there would be neither.

As we moved into this beautiful light energy the Goddess took us to the Ancient Grandmother Tree deep in a lush green forest full of vibrate life. Surrounded by an Ancient Grandfather Stones looking over and protecting us. 

This is our Inner Sanctum, our Sacred Place. I invite you to cultivate your own Sacred Place that lives within. A place that you will paint within your mind over and over again. A place of healing and warmth. A place of beauty and growth.


As we walked into the Green Forest, the green spoke of our hearts healing, opening and expanding. Allow the green light to fill your lungs and flow freely throughout. Opening and breathing fresh air into all of your being.

The Goddess Giai stood at the foot of the Ancient Grandmother. Dressed in a green dress made of earth and magic. Her hair long and curled the color of fire. A crown hoovered around her head so gracefully placed. Made of stones lit by the wings of fireflies and fairies.

She looked at us as she touched the flowers that were birthing new life, she gracefully touched the roots of Grandmother.

“You are worthy, you are more then worthy, step in my dear child. Who is the little one that lives within you? Let this child out. Come and play again among the forest. Come and remember the magic that lives within you. Paint this scene deep within your mind. Allow yourself to be a child again. The children hold all the wisdom. Grow within the light of the child’s heart.’

She gifted us with the energy and essence of the frog. A clear and perfect green frog. Maybe some are afraid to touch and hold this medicine. Then indeed you are in need of its power. For those who can hold the frog without fear, exercise and extend compassion to those in need of its medicine, share your essence. For all hold the frog with dear reverence and honor its sacredness. 

Birthed in the mothers blood lines, the waters of this earth. To understand the flow of sacred water. Birthed at the perfect time, to understand the lunar cycles of life. That sits and can find nourishment in the soil of the earth. Whom allows the air to fuel and feed their very being.

“The Frog Medicine Spirit Totem can help one to leap out of their established habits, so one can start anew and open up to new opportunities. Frog is the totem of metamorphosis. It symbolizes coming into your personal power. It reminds us not to become bogged down with day-to-day living.”

I invite you to connect with the Earth to today. Your connection can only be found through you, nothing else. Paint your pictures, write your stories. Find the child that lives within and follow that light inward.

If you would like to accept this healing…

Please be sure to provide email address and how to accept instructions will be sent to you!

Collective Distant Shamanic Soul Journey Healings

You may accept this healing at anytime that suits your schedule. Please read over “How to Accept” link.


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