The Great Medicine Drum

As I started to work with the drum I noticed I was very afraid, afraid of messing up. I was a bit frazzled. It took a moment to ground myself to step into the birth and ceremony. I had been conditioned that the birth of the drum was a task I could not do on my own. That it was too hard and difficult. I was not able to create my own Sacred tools. That the words of my teacher would slip my mind This I knew in my heart not to be true and was in need of deep healing.

We sat under the protection of the Great Grandfather Evergreen in my yard. Long ago, in this very yard many arrow heads were found deep within the earth. A land that once thrived with the Lenape Tribe.  

As worry set in, I felt the breeze and coo of the wind softly nudging me inward. “Step in, just step in”. 

My children are playing in the background. Coming up from time to time to ask questions softly encouraging me to continue on and be brave for them. 

As I began to shape the hide into place, I tied the buffalo firmly with the deer hide. I began to melt into a gentle rhythm and flow. I started to sway with the energy. Slightly in a space of here but there. The kids pulling you in and out with laughter, reminding you of your why. 

“To heal mankind, to find my connection to source through the heartbeat of  the drum”.

As I began to fold the hard edges of the hide over the perfect wooden hoop. I wondered how this would ever stay in place. My hands began to grow warm, my body began to softly and gently hum cooing and calling for the beauty of the medicine to melt, to smooth into place. 

As she began to trust and understand my intentions, I began to know her. I began to understand she too may be sacred, she too may need to get to know me, just as badly as I need to know her. 

Slowly with time she took shape. I placed her under the Grandfather Evergreen. The sun softly kissed and blessed her skin. Little hairs that once warmed the blood of this majestic spirit shined through to remind me of the Sacredness within this Spirit is very much alive and will carry on. The wind gently caressed my skin and hers. 

No words spoken, yet a profound knowing of the deep cosmic connection between the heartbeat of the medicine drum. The eternal flame that burns deep within the core of the Great Mother Earth, rises up and as her blood flows you feel the thump of her everlasting love. The thump, the beat of the Great Mothers heart rises up and pulsates through the Medicine Drum. She begins to flow deep within your soul. She activates the blood within the human spirit, the life force that lives within us all. As it begins to thump, in this moment time no longer exists. Within this moment you grow to know an eternal truth, a truth of pure bliss, a deep sensation of a place warm and calm, a place called home. 

The heart of Mother Earth is alive within us all; one way to find her is through the heart of The Great Medicine Drum.

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  1. I would love to do this….

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