Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher

This is my piece, where I will be raw and uncut. In hopes to find healing and wisdom. Hopefully in a world full of “masks” you will find truth in removing yours.

So the journey began long ago and instead of backtracking I will simply start with today.

Today was a rough day. Pretty hectic.

I was able to sit a bit longer in bed and meditate on the sun rising to warm my body and soul.

My body and mind crave the warmth of the earth right now. Although I understand this time is needed for her to rest and manifest her fruits of creation. I still long for her deep radiating warmth. The snow is beautiful, refreshing and still.

I am a child born of fire when the fire begins to dim within I begin to sway just a bit. In this only to return to remember why. We never forget. We simply remember. Remember who we are.

The amount of hawk sightings has been a blessing. We have been able to watch them hunt, a new treat for my eyes. 

The Eagle perched on an early morning Grandmother Tree. A second Eagle taking flight near the old church I grew up in. The early morning Eagle was spotted on my childhood road near a very old church.

As I sit now to reflect on their meanings and messages today.

I know I am protected where I stand. 

The hawks diving in between trees, a place of security and protection. Locked deep in the many aspects of self.

Yet, another aspect of self…

Being brave enough to hunt for that which is needed among the farm fields. Being brave enough to seek the fruits of healing. The fire within that is in need of tending.

I am brave enough.

As I sit with the heaviness of the day I see the beauty and the gift of reflection. The ability to return to the obstacles of the day and look at them with a new set of eyes.

The eyes of the Hawk protected by the Eagle, Grandfather. Wrapped in the arms of the Grandmother Tree. Kissed my the Winter Winds, touched by a glimmer of the Goddess Sun.

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