Collective Guided Distant Healing & Reading

FEB 20 AT 10 AM EST – FEB 21 AT 10 AM EST

You may accept this healing at any time on the 2/21/21 (look at those numbers)!

“There is no existence of space nor time.”

Collective Distant Soul Sessions are a very unique way of accepting rare healing of a high caliber. The Collective energy of the group strengthens the experience.

You will receive instructions on how to do so. Very similar to receiving Distant Reiki.

You will be invited into a private group page to protect your privacy. Allowing you to interact and participate in preparing a Sacred Space/Altar. Holding space for others and active in the healing process.

The healing energy is pulled from Mother Earth (the Earth Star Chakra) igniting the Kundalini, The Goddess Energy, The Shakti. This energy goes by many names and resides within the Root Chakra, it is the life force and oneness that exists within us all. The fire that burns within.

Holly will work to pull this energy throughout all of the energetic body releasing any blocks within uniting the Mother Earth with Great Spirit wrapping around our Auras for protection and clearing our paths of purpose.

Once the Healing is sent Holly then Channels Spirit through writing recounting all visions and messages received during the healing asking for deeper meaning and clarity.

Along with healing you will receive…
– Detailed Instructions
– Online Support
– Involvement in Sacred Ceremony
– Guided Healing Journey that will include Channeled messages
– Written Messages for deeper reflection

Deadline to register is 2/13/21
Registration required @ exchange is $20

Facebook event link…

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