The Test, Sister Golden

A moment of deep sadness, my inner child calling to me.

My heart full of pain, aching.

Old beliefs surfacing.

A moment of awareness, leading to rage.

I felt a call to Journey to Grandmother.

I called to the Wise Ancient Women. Crying, pleading to take away my pain.

Grandmother’s age and wisdom beautifully shown upon her skin. Takes her ancient medicine hands cupping my face. Her eyes looked into mine. The moment shaped and shifted into ceremony. My heart safely cupped within the palms of the wise one.

Grandmother sings a song of healing to the young one. As the wind blows, kissing her old hands with a blessing from Dear Grandfather the heart is released flying high above as a Dove.

The little one grows before my eyes into a beautiful woman of a time long ago. Her hair dark and straight, her skin tanned she is made of earth.

A great woman, a great healer, Sister Golden One.

In this moment, I gaze upon her and I see she is me. Sister Golden One has walked with me since as long as I can remember. My allies have been within my human sight since the age of two.

Sister Golden One, oh Sister Golden One teach me the way. Teach me to be wise like you.

Hand and hand the Young One, Sister Golden and Grandmother Dance to the beat of the drum.

A bear emerges wrapping his energy around the Goddess, the three become one.

Sister Golden One

Little One

Ancient One

Brother Bear

I sing your song, I thank thee!

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