Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Goddess Activation

A lot of releases! You may feel slightly nauseated today. Eat light and well. Nourish your needs. Drink lots of water and rest.

We released a lot of karmic trauma that was still affecting us. Karma that we have been carrying for life times and karma that has been recycled and handed down.

As we entered into the Healing we were greeted with the Goddess Sophia right away

Goddess Sophia hovered over our bodies and Angel stood by our feet. Sophia spook.

“I’m here to lead you, to lead you deep within”

She took us deep into a dessert 

She is asking us…

“What we are denying to ourselves and pushing away.”

The desert does not seem inviting. It is dry, empty and hot. When the wind blows we become blinded. The Dessert represents our ego.

Spirit is asking us 

“If you want to evolve you must be brave enough to master the desert the ego that lives within. You have a choice, turn, run, hide and repeat. Continuing your cycles of false truths and lies. Allow this rubbish to continue on and on and on. Allowing your children to carry the weight you have been carrying. You say you want change, you want healing. It takes bravery, willpower and courage. Set foot to journey and conquer your desert.”

As we stepped into the open plain of sand, a scarf wrapped around our head, we wore a robe, a staff in hand and a camel to lead the way.

“The camel is one of the many power animals that exist in the world today. Over the ages, many people have believed that the camel is a spirit guide or an angel that provides guidance for them in life. You can understand what the camel animal spirit is communicating to you by studying its symbolism. Also, the characteristic of the animal’s personality can be very insightful. All you need is to attune yourself to the animal spirit. As you meditate about what the animal is communicating, you’ll easily reach your understanding. Indeed, meditation is a key way of unlocking the true meaning of the camel animal spirit. Meditation will help you unlock the strengths, weaknesses, and attributes of the camel’s personality. You can achieve a lot when you unravel the camel’s means of survival. After all, the camel is not christened ‘the ship of the desert’ for nothing.”

Spirit is asking us to sit within more, to sit in meditation more, to learn and better understand our chaos, our egos we must learn to be one with all aspects of self and invite these parts of self, our egos to take a seat while we sit in silence and truly listen to that which we are being told.

Spirit is asking us to stop grasping for healing, stop praying to be fixed. We are manifesting suffering within by constantly praying for ourselves to be better. Spirit is pleading with us to recognize this life we are living is short. The Goddess Mother Moon and Stars wants us to see our beauty, our wholeness now. We are perfect just as we are in this exact moment. The only way to overcome those parts that are broken is to honor and love thine self. To love thine self is to listen to thine self. The broken pieces of self have stories to tell. Let the Goddess that is you tell her stories.

With that the Goddess took us to an area in the Middle East. We went to this area to gather the lost parts of our soul. The Spirit of the Owl led our way into the dark areas of self that were lost.

While we were in this place we began to release very old traumas. Traumas when our femine power was robbed and beaten from us from this life and those of the past. This is heavy my loves. The abuse of the past that we have endured was to take our power, to take our Divine Goddess energy from us time and time again. These traumas lay to rest in the desert. Not far off sits a pillar of light. A great pyramid. The Great Mother Goddess sits on these beams of light singing, holding you dear daughter. 

“Go gather your pieces, go find yourself and when you find all her broken pieces shattered look at her as a masterpiece, celebrate her coming home, celebrate her sexual freedom, celebrate the wars she has seen. DO NOT TELL HER ANY LONGER, she needs fixed, she’s a mess, she needs healing. Tell her how brave she is. Tell her how strong she is. Tell her how wise she is. Tell her how beautiful she is. TELL HER SHE IS A FIERCE WARRIOR GODDESS.”

I am truly with all my heart asking you all today as you move forward in life to stop shaming yourself. Stop living a life where you are telling yourself you can be better, you can do more.

I am asking you to hold yourself more, sit and talk with yourself more. Listen to your heart and self. Yes, still seek healing but not to fix yourself, you’re not in need of fixing. You’re in need of rising and singing your song. You’re in need of dancing and laughter because you deserve these things.

You walk this earth the daughters of wise, fierce Goddess Mothers. Reclaim your power and walk with pride and faith that the Goddess is rising.

Today we journeyed deep within the cosmic womb of creation and existence. I encourage you all to get a salt bath in the next few days, to sing and to dance. I am asking you to ignite your Shakti.

No longer grasp at the false truth we are always in need of healing. We are merely trying to find parts of our soul that were robbed from us. To find these parts, these fragments all we need to do is honor ourselves, honor our needs. Truly listen to ourselves. Always remember there is a Goddess within you fighting to be heard, fighting for us to open our eyes and trust the wisdom that has always lived inside.

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