Full Moon Goddess

Rare Halloween Blue Moon Goddess Attunement, 10/31/2020

This Attunement comes directly from the Mother Moon Goddess herself and merely channeled by Holly Earth Guide. This is an Attunement to activate the Goddess that lives deep within. To heighten and expand our vibration. To Activate the gifts that live deep within you, the Goddess.

The Goddess comes in many forms, as humans are all unique so is the Goddess. The energy of the Goddess has history in all cultures throughout time. At times when communication was not as free as it is now. The Goddess was looked upon and praised. She comes in many forms, how you view her is unique to your own truth, your own stories and ancestral ties.

The Goddess lives in all humans, all of mankind. Different aspects of her energy may lay dormant in many. Her energy, difficult to see and feel within some. This is not for you to understand why. This is of their own path and not of yours. You were blessed within this life and every life time to embrace the Goddess that lives within, that is you. For you are the Daughters and Sons of the Great Mother Goddess.

For some, these messages may not make sense let it be if this is true. You showed up today for a rare Attunement and that is what you have received. That is more than enough. For others as always sit with these messages, your experience of this Attunement and breathe it deep within your soul. Meditate the different aspects deep within your Soul Chakra. This is the area at the base of your skull deep within your high throat.

Now we begin…

As I woke this morning at 4am with ease I was drawn to gaze upon the Blue Moon that stood out my window. Her energy glowing in all her magic and mystery. The rarest being I ever saw. Her energy is strong and powerful glowing high in the dark midnight sky.

As we entered our healing space this morning I was blessed by the energy of each and everyone of you. Deep in the forest I found my SiStars/Brothers. A fire blazing, our bodies warm by the heat of our blood and hearts. The life force the Kundalini that pumps through our very being. Under the Stars and the Moon we danced, we sang and worshipped the Goddess Mother Moon. We howled with the Wild Wolves, the Wild ways alive and thriving yearning within us all.

“In the Great Star Nation, Wolf is represented by the Dog Star, Sirius, which legend tells us was the original home of our teachers in ancient times. Sirius was thought to be the home of the gods by the ancient Egyptians, and is still considered so by the Dogan tribe in Africa. It stands to reason that Native American peoples would formulate this same connection and adopt Wolf people as the clan of teachers.

“The senses of Wolf are very keen, and the moon is its power ally. The moon is the symbol of psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. Baying at the moon may be an indication of Wolf’s desire to connect with new ideas, which are just below the surface of consciousness. Wolf medicine empowers the teacher within us all to come forth and aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life…”


“As we lifted our faces turned to the moon, we opened our throats and howled at the Moon. Oh Goddess, Oh Dear Goddess Mother Moon let me feel home, let me be free. Oh Goddess Mother Moon, Oh Dear Goddess Mother Moon”

These are the words with the intentions not of spoken human language. These are the words of the Wild Wolf, The Goddess Women that lives within you. As we danced upon the earth, beneath the stars we sang out in wild howls and cries to our Goddess Mother Moon.

We were shown a creek deep within the forest.

“This in my blood, drink from me my dear child. The blood of the water runs through your veins. Look around at the Earth that supports you with the eyes of the Goddess. The eyes of my daughters, my sons. The eyes of truth and beauty. Follow the creek and stream where it leads?” -Mother Moon

We are being shown the Divine connection of all the elements that live within thine self. Within these words we come to know all. We come to a great understanding. Spirit is asking us to go step by step. 

  • From the heavens lives the stars, the sun, the moon, the clouds and so much more (dreams, desires, connection, Spirit)
  • The heavens rain down into the highest peaks (Highest self, confidence, higher perspective). 
  • Within the Mountains (wisdom, lessons, beauty, stillness, movement). 
  • From the Mountain streams, the water (blood of Mother Earth, life force nourishment) flows.
  • Feeding creation (mankind, blessings, gifts, community).

All waterways connect and lead the vast Ocean and the open Sea. This vast ocean is you. Allow yourself to float freely in this ocean. Learn to swim in her many waves and storms. Step into this ocean and allow the moon to be your light and guide you.

Spirit is asking you to look and see that this earth you stand upon is you. This human experience is an opportunity to become a Master of Creation. To find the Master that is you, focus on one thing at a time. Find stillness in this life, upon this earth so that you may take in all of her beauty.

“Dear one this beauty is you! This earth, these elements it is all you. All aspects of the greatness that lives within.”

We were shown a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall showed us the fear that exists before the fall. The resistance that lives within us, leading up to the surrender. Once we surrender the heart begins to pump and flow freely. Allow yourself to take the plunge into the unknown. Trust where Spirit is taking you, even if the path is unclear. Your faith in Spirit is the only light needed to lead the way. Play among the deep waters that reside in the pool. Allow the waters to wash over you cleansing and freeing your soul.

As we soared in the heavens taking in all the beauty of this earth. This golden truth that we are connected to all, gives great peace and awareness. Spirit directed our attention to the Great Mountains before us.

“Look at the mountain dear child and continue on. Keep going” 

We began to travel even deeper within. Beyond the Mountains a glowing golden light was before us. We were brought to Ancient Egypt.

“At the spiritual level the pyramid is a symbol for the integration of self-and soul. In dreams the pyramid can stand for death, but it also contains rebirth. The base of the pyramid stands for the body, the sides show the spiritual attempts, the point symbolises the harmonious union of the human with the ‘higher self-‘ (God)…” 


“Your stories are written within the stars dear one. Your stories are painted within the walls. Your stories have been danced upon the earth” -Mother Moon

Mother Moon showed us the great powerful Queen Nefertiti

“Queen Nefertiti was one of the most powerful and mysterious Egyptian queens in ancient Egypt. She was a queen, the Great Royal Wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

In wall paintings within tombs and temples Nefertiti is depicted as an equal alongside her husband – much more often than any queen in Egyptian history. She is often seen in positions of authority and power, such as smiting her enemies or driving a chariot. Traditionally only Egyptian pharaohs would be represented this way, which goes to show what a powerful and well-respected figure she was at the time…”


Nefertiti is asking us to step into our beauty, our power and gifts. Become the Queen of your own destiny. She directed us to look to the Sphinx for deeper wisdom.

“The Great Sphinx stands on the plain of Gizeh in Egypt, communicating its message of love, devotion, and overcoming as it has done for the past six thousand years. The message it carries is timeless: It is the Sphinx’s love for God which causes an inner victory over the lower forces of its own nature. This message is captured both in the Sphinx’s construction and its orientation: a noble human head on top of a lion’s body — a composite figure, part human, part animal — that rises out of the earth to face the rising sun each day and to follow its passage across the sky…”


“With this you must come to know that you were placed on this earth at this very time to rise up and heal the stories and timelines of the past. For you knew long ago you would return to this very time and place to rewrite the story of the Divine Female. You have arrived my daughters my sons. It is time to embrace the gifts and share your unique light with the world” -Mother Moon

Mother Moon shows us that we are in a time of great Spiritual Abundance if so choose. She asked us to embrace the energy and the essence of the Great Hindu Deity Lakshmi to aid us in our rebirth and recreation of self.

“The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of light and abundance. Abundance not only of material wealth and prosperity but also spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It is believed that anyone who approaches Lakshmi sincerely and without greed for personal wealth advancement will be blessed with good fortune and success. Lakshmi is one of the Mother Goddesses, She represents the creative, feminine aspect of the divine. In this role she is addressed as Mata.” 


We look back upon the great pyramids of Egypt. As the golden glow of the pyramids rise up the rays of golden light perfectly align with the glow of the moon. The light extends out to all of creation touching the many great, famous and historical spiritual portals that have been looked upon throughout time. The light extends up into the heavens. Within this moment we come to a knowing and understanding that there are Star beings present with us. This may be a hard concept for some to understand if so let it be if so. But for those who understand, take this in. 

There were great Star Beings that were with us for this Attunement; they speak of the Stars, the stories that have been written in the heavens throughout all of time. Your story lives among these stars just waiting for you to see to capture its essence within your being.

For those who have felt the energy of Star Beings with you before now, they want you to know this to be true. They are validating any thoughts of their presence. These Specific ones are very ancient and will cause you no harm. They are a sign of your own ancient uniqueness. They are a symbol of magic and mystery and a piece of a place once called home. This piece of self lives in the very depths of your heart. Your heart sits in the core of the Great Mother.

We were gifted with the Golden Eagle.

“When this creature appears to you it is a sign of an end and a new beginning, not necessarily means that someone will die, it can be in the form of saying goodbye to the old phase of your life and starting a new…”

“Golden Eagles are often depicted as a messenger of the heavenly gods. When you see a Golden Eagle, it probably wants to teach you that the answers you are waiting for can be found if you’ll only ask. There is also a chance that you are the only one who has the answer to your question, you are just afraid to find out. Questions must always be answered no matter what outcome it will bring to us. If it will hurt us, then so be it, what matters most is that we learn from it…”


Breathe the energy and essence of this magnificent gift into all of your being. The Eagle soars high into the Heavens accessing heights many others are not able to reach. Our third eyes are being opened to greater depths, giving us a clear and new sight. (you may feel pressure in head)

Spirit showed us many sacred symbols, many too many to possibly describe. I will leave you with this.

We were gifted with the Celtic Ash Tree, The Tree of life. These trees were cut and destroyed when the Christians of ancient times pushed and tried to destroy Paganism, Wiccan. Not only did they try to destroy this Earth Based Spiritual Practice that adored the Earth all Ancient Practices devoted to the Earth through time and spanning the entire globe. Today you Activated an Ancient way that lives deep within your blood, deep within your roots. Allow the Tree of life to bloom within you. When you share your gifts, when you tell your stories, when you surrender to the fall, devote yourself to Spirit, breathe in all of the elements… you are honoring the Ancient ways of the past. You are honoring all those who left this world, punished for their devotion to the Great Mother Earth.

So sing your song, dance your dance, drink your drink, fill your cup, howl at the moon and continue on being Free, Wild, Divine, be the Goddess. In this life, you live for all those who paved the way. For all those who fought the fight to save Mother Earth and her children. You step into your power to honor self, to teach the children and heal your Ancestors.


They knew this day would come, they fought for you, step into all that is you.

“Earth my body, water my blood, air breathe and fire my spirit

“Earth my body, water my blood, air breathe and fire my spirit

“Earth my body, water my blood, air breathe and fire my spirit”

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