Gifted Collective Healing 10.24.20

I have been conducting Collective Distant Healings for a few years now and would like to invite you all to accept this healing if you wish. 

I wake early in the morning and sit in mediation. Extending healing to self and all those who wish to accept. Once I am complete in sitting with Spirit I begin to write to better reflect on the messages and visions from Spirit.

 I am completely devoted to my education and healing. This comes with much training, healing, meditation and counseling. The process takes 3-4 hours

There are many aspects to this healing. I invite you to take your time and dive deeper. Reflect on each part that aligns with you. 

These are my truths and perceptions. I do not wish you to own my truths. I encourage you to find your own. Your truths can only be obtained from within.

If you wish to accept this healing you may do so at any time that suits your schedule.

  • Find a comfy space
  • Light a candle, incense or smudge
  • Rub your hands together and set your intentions
  • Press play, headphones suggested
  • Close your eyes and enjoy
  • Slow and steady breathing 

Where shall I even begin…

Recently I have felt great shifts within my subconscious. A call to rewire and frame the foundation in which I speak with self. Deep within us; many have negative story lines, thoughts and words that become a cycle and pattern. So much a part of self it is often difficult to even acknowledge. For those who have seen and struggle to process, always remember your bravery in your ability to look within and see your Shadows. Do not curse these aspects of self. Embrace the Shadows that live within and invite them to no longer lurk in the darkness. Invite them to come out into the light, to take a seat.

We are very much living in a Universal state of ego. Allow your ego to surface so that you may greet this essence of your being with compassion and love. For this part of self acts out to grab your attention. No longer push away your ego. Let your ego integrate with all of your being. For this ego’s role is important. All aspects that create you are magnificent.

As we moved into the healing space this morning we were greeted with the story and energy of the Great Hindu Deity Akhilandeshvari…

“AKHILANDESHVARI is pronounced as ‘Akilan – Anda –Esvari’ meaning ‘Universe – Ruler – Goddess’. But the word ‘Akhilanda’ essentially means “never not broken.”

This purports that Goddess Akhilandesvari is the Goddess of ‘Never Not Broken’. In other words She is the ‘always broken Goddess. This is a double negative and it would appear that even in Her name the Goddess is broken down. She is the Goddess for times of disarray. Her vahana, the crocodile is symbolic of the fear that resides in us, which need not weaken us but enduring and always prepared to transform and be transformed. Akhilandeshvari gains strength and beauty by constantly breaking apart and coming together again…” please follow link below to dive deeper

Great Spirit moved us into the vision of a meadow. As we stood within this meadow the energy and essence of the Elk came in. The Elk stood firm grounded to the earth, grazing on the wild grasses of nature. Off in the distance stood a large mountain. 

Mountains represent the subconscious and the cycles of life. The road is rocky at times, the water full of debri. Yet the journey to explore and climb higher to take in every piece of the Divine Mystery of Creation that is you in. It’s worth every bump, bruise and fall. The climb is the journey, the mountain is the wisdom, every piece and element of her is every piece of you. When you look out at the top of this mountain onto all of creation you see everything. Everything connected and as one. You are all of this and more.

The Elk is asking us to pause, stop and breathe. This life… take it in. Listen to the sounds, smells, feel the textures and sensations that surround you.

Spirit is asking us to identify the ego that is living within. What limiting beliefs are restricting you from living this life fully in love with self. Find the words that you repeat to yourself that harmful and rewrite the storyline you have claimed. 

“I am loved, I am accepted, I am worthy and gifted”

Find the song that lives within, that breaks you free from these obstacles.

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (Sanskrit: ॐ गं गणपतये नमः)”

Here is one of my personal favorites…

Spirit is asking to live in peace with self, with all aspects of self. To help us better understand this we must first recognize in what ways we are harming ourselves. This can be identified often by reflecting on what Spirit is reflecting back to us that is alive within others. As we do this we do this in a way to not cause or inflict harm on self or others. We are being asked to reflect on the Buddha and the many meanings of Buddha all reflections of self found in the mountains of stillness, in the wild grass where the Elk grazes.

“The word buddha in Sanskrit meant “The Awakened One” or “The Enlightened One.”

Even though we often think of Siddhārtha when we hear this word, it’s important to know that he was not the only one who held this title.

Anyone who is able to see the world as it is, without obstacles of judgement and bias, can be a buddha…” please click link below to dive deeper

Many visions and messages came through. I invite you to look deep within each aspect to find the layers of meaning and truth that live within you. To find your own personal truth.

I will leave you with this…

“I am not worthy of these gifts dear Lord”

“Child but you are”

“Why me?”

“Because child when the wind blew you listened”

I invite you to stand firm upon the earth and take in all her elements. Know that every sensation felt is our Dear Creator. We all have the ability to hear but will we listen, I believe you will.

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