Collective Healing 10.10.2020

I’d like to start with a bit of an explanation.

When I do these Collective Healings I enter the Healing Space early in the morning while most are still sleeping. I spend a long amount of time sending healing to all. Some may be aware or unaware that they will be accepting this healing. Once the Healing is sent I sit down with Spirit and continue to Channel the messages and the visions from Spirit. This takes a long amount of time. I do this because I love to, I absolutely love feeling the vibrations, sending the healings and watching the transformations.

The Messages are Collective, we are indeed all connected as one. What is alive within one is often alive within another. Our stories and our experiences are unique to us. Yet, At the root and heartbeat the soul of our existence is all connected as one.

The messages can mean many things. Messages can represent what is currently alive within you, they can be a metaphor to paint a more clear painting of what is alive, a past life, a generational pattern that exists within (you do not need to believe in past lives for these messages to make sense. They can be handed down through time and space) and the messages can even be an energy you are taking on from another. So it may not be your story but you may be taking on their pain.

Take this opportunity to not only accept the healing but give to yourself. Accept these healing not only for yourself but to help rewrite the stories of the past and the stories to come. Sit and reflect on your experience. Sit and reflect on the messages. Take the next week to really take in these healing. Dive into different messages and aspects that stand out to you.

As always share, share your story. Your story will help heal others.

Now for the Healing…

As we entered into the Healing Space the energy was very calm and very peaceful. We were deep within a forest.

The Forest represents our subconsciousness. The different layers and elements that live within this space are vast and all represent different aspects of you.

As we entered this space we spotted a clearing. A clearing that sits high on a mountain.

Mountains hold ancient wisdom. The terrain to journey up the mountain is often trying and difficult, all the while surrounded by sacred beauty. It shows us that the climb is often difficult but what one obtains is worth every scratch and every moment of “I can’t make it, I must push on” This life is an experience you wished and desired to have. To feel the connection with Spirit with Self is what we are climbing for. Do not lose sight of this.

The space was filled with a peaceful morning fog. The sun glistening and rising softley in the distance showing through the cracks in the trees. The birds quietly rose. As you move into the healing space you can hear the earth beneath your feet crackling with each step.

The fog represents that which is blocking us. 

Sometimes our sight is blocked for our own protection. Learn to trust the elements that are placed before you. Do not push them away and learn to embrace the heaviness, the fog as a vehicle, as a tool to go deeper and learn more.

As you moved past the fog there stood a Sacred Fire

The Fire is the life force that is burning within you. It is your Kundalini, your passions, your gifts, your fuel, the Goddess. The fire is your deep connection to the Goddess.

Sitting quietly around the fire is an Old Shaman Woman by the name of Grandmother. Grandmother is the Moon, she is the Earth she is all that is. She comes to you to speak for a while. You take a seat.

She speaks through the movement of the winds, the crackle in the fire. Her voice is the heartbeat of the earth, the soft hum your feel within your body, the tingle and chill you feel when spirit moves through you. Her mouth does not open yet through her eyes your hear her voice. You hear all of her. She speaks and lives directly from her heart.

“Child look into the fire, gaze at the fire. What do you see? I ask you child what is alive within you now?  I see a woman/man that stands before me but a child that needs healing. I ask you dear to tend to the child that lives within you. I ask you to tend to her needs through the children. The child lives within us all. You are the Mother, you need not bore the child to care for another. The child is in need of healing within the women/man you meet at the park, in the store. The children must be our focus now. They are the great answer. Teach them to grow wise. Teach the grown to heal the child within thine self. I say to you, you are here for a reason, I am in need of your heart to help first yourself. Be the example, so that your heart shines through you onto others. The mother, the fathers focus is for her the children. What children surround you? Look into the eyes of the man, is there a child alive within is in need of your heart? You are the Great Child of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.”

With that Grandmother took us to the Deep Sea of infinite wisdom. Within the deep sea our secrets live, our sorrows swim. For every drop of water is a part of us. Nothing is deemed good or bad here. It is all the vastness that creates all that is us. Beneath the ocean waters lives creatures that can guide us but we must first become fearless. We were greeted with the energy of our Dear Isis some may see her as Durga here within these Ocean waters. She gives us the gift and sight of the Dolphin to aid us in diving deeper within. As we swim with the sacred dolphin we are presented with the Great Goddess Medusa.

“When we understand that Gods and Goddesses are part of the inner mythical landscape- that they live and breathe in a part of our psyche that some call the unconscious, and others would call the inner self. Their amazing symbolic and metaphorical aspects, explain so much, in such a strong way. Why does she have many snakes on her head? Do the snakes symbolise deceptions? Self-deceptions perhaps caused by our ego? Which need to be killed by looking in a reflection/ a mirror. Seeing her in our own mirror as the only way to overcome her.”

Medusa is coming to us to ask us what patterns,false beliefs and negative story lines are alive within you? She is asking us to draw our sword and fight. Fight for not only yourself but for all the beings and souls fighting the fight. Break the cycle for the generations to come. All Goddess and Gods have seen war. Own your war, allow your story to be the story others look upon for inspiration and guidance. The war that is alive within yourself is your greatest story.

We are now led to the Great Lord Shiva. Feel the embrace and sing to our Dear Shiva to remove the obstacle that stands in your way. Allow the energy of Lord Shiva to uplift and bring you joy.

I was shown within many accepting healing today. We are releasing deeply seeded stories of the past. Stories of destruction and trauma. 

The Goddess must feel safe. Goddess Durga sits with Lord Shiva. Durga is wild and full of fire she requires her Shiva. We requires balance of the masiculine and femines energies. Call on your Lord Shiva to ignite the Durga, the fire that lives within you.

Often when we tap into the energy of the Inner Child and Goddess they require protection of the Father, of the Masculine.The Goddess needs the God to be balanced.

However and whatever Goddess and Gods you see is perfect. Spirit will show us what will align and make sense to us. Spirit is very wise.

I leave you now with the energy and essence of the Great Brown Bear

Breath in healing, all the messages, the elements and Goddess/God energy into all of your being. Breathe in the energy and essence of the Great Brown Bear to protect you, to love and hold you tight. Know that you are the Bear.

I strongly encourage you to read more deeply into the meaning of the Bear…

“Since the bear is often associated with shamans in many traditions, this spirit animal can symbolize healing abilities and stepping into the role of the healer. If the bear shows up in your life, it may also be time to take care of your own needs for healing, whether it’s at the physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Be sensitive to where you are at and reflect on where you would most need healing. You can call on the bear spirit guidance to direct your energy in a more conservative or focused way.”

Trust in yourself, trust in your gifts, trust in your path, trust that you are perfect just as you are. You are right where you need to be in life.Embrace all that is you in this exact moment.

3 thoughts on “Collective Healing 10.10.2020

  1. Hi Holly. Thanks for sharing some of my post about Medusa. I love how shamanism allows us to embrace all different beings.


    1. Oh my I feel so blessed and honored to know you saw this share. Thank you beyond words for you wisdom


  2. Oh my I feel so blessed and honored to know you saw this share. Thank you beyond words for you wisdom ♡


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