Collective Healing 9.19.20

Today’s healing took a bit to flow. I want you all to know that the energy right now is heavy and dense. You are not allowed in your feelings and thoughts of self and the world. In one way or another many are sinking deep into their subconscious. People are doubting themselves and who they are for example “I am not good enough”, “I can not see”, “I can not be happy”, 

“I don’t deserve love” or “I am not gifted”. 

Whatever the case may be, whatever you may be speaking to yourself to your ego, remind yourself that this is not true. DO NOT push it away, honor this so you may better understand self.

It took me quite a bit of time and energy to crack into everyone’s energy. There is nothing wrong this, this is just how it is right now on Collective Global whole. Due to the climate of the Universe and Stars. 

If you struggle to invite this energy in, I encourage you to chant your Usui Reiki Distant symbol as you facilitate healings on self or accept healing. If you are not trained in this think about getting trained. You can also use other tools. 

Image a portal or light beaming down into your being, your energetic field. Spirit advised us to create a portal in our sacral. Take your thumb tips and press them together along with your pointer fingers to create a triangle around your belly. Imagine the triangle as a mouth breathing in and out. Let me know if you require more assistance.

As the healing started we were placed in a meadow. Within this meadow we were greeted with the powerful and loving energy of the “Ancient Grandmother”. 

Grandmother is the gatekeeper of the earth; she holds all the stories and wisdom deep within her bones. She sings songs of healing as she warms your belly with her nourishment. Her love ignites our passions. In her eyes you can do no wrong, all lessons to be learned and in return later taught. Her unconditional love for us is undying and feeds our soul. She is our protector and our teacher. Do not be fooled by her kindness she will not refrain from a hefty slap when we are in need. We walk this earth in her honor forever wanting to make her proud. We were created weaved into existence with her light, love and song. 

Image an old wise medicine woman sitting by a fire, with a hearty kettle of healing soup. She sits by the fire with the elements of the earth by her side weaving together a beautiful tapestry. As she sings and chants her song of love the tapestry comes to life. 

Let Grandmother sing over you my dears, hear her song deep within your soul. Breathe in the love and life she has wished and created for you. Sit beside her for a while. She will offer you soothing herbs or earth, a warm healing tea to warm and soften the magic that resides within you.

Grandmother, says to you “Granddaughter, Granddaughter, oh my Granddaughter speak with me. You will hear my voice in the wind as it moves through you. You will feel me in the gentle sensation felt deep within. I have created you in love and beauty. For you are my gift to this world. You are more than a part of me you hold my very heart in your soul. Granddaughter came talk with me.”

Grandmother showed us a green and yellow/orange caterpillar. 

The green represents our heart chakra. Spirit speaks of a heavy need to forgive. To forgive not only those of our past and present but to forgive ourselves.

The yellow orange represents our lower chakras, primarily our sacearl. This is our area of desire, pleasure and creativity. 

Spirit is asking us to strip away all false truths we have put into existence of self so that we may embrace not the new you but the you, you have always been your destiny. The you that Great Spirit and Grandmother created. The you that exists without all the restrictions and abuse society has robbed you from being and embracing.

With that if any of you have experienced trauma linked to your birth or birthing of your children. The inability to birth children in the way we think we are to give birth immense healing is being sent to you for this trauma. 

The Great Mother walks not only with us but she walks within us. She is the very breath we breathe; she is at our heart. She is activating the Goddess that you are. She is you. You are a Great Mother, lover, sister, wife, partner you are a beautiful woman who births creativity into existence every single day. Allow the love of the Mother to feed your sacral. To heal the trauma of the past so that you may grow into the beautiful butterfly and fly free gracing this earth with your beauty.

The caterpillar is young. Not a baby it has hatched from its egg and was already wise in knowing what to do to feed itself to grow into the caterpillar. Now you must feed the caterpillar so that it may continue to grow.

Spirit is asking you to be very mindful of whom you give yourself too. Always be mindful of this but Spirit is asking you to only feed from the plants that will give you nourishment. Trust your gut loves do not give so freely of self.

Spirit showed us that we must acknowledge our shadows. Spirit is pleading with you to no longer ignore and push them away. In order for you to experience profound healing you must embrace the darkness that lives with you. For example I am a fiery aries and I have a temper. Surprising lol to some im sure not lol. The fire is my passion. At times the fire burns too high and if not tended too becomes destructive. Anxiety acts as a warning sign, a gift to be warned but if not tended to creates false stories that spiral creating illness. Depression is the gift of humility and the ability to be humble if not tended to one sits in their darkness far too long and becomes consumed.

Spirit wants us to embrace and acknowledge our darkness. We can not have light without dark; they must coexist and we work to keep them balanced.

What false truths and shadows are alive within you? As they come to you, as you accept the healing song say “I release you, I forgive, I love, I release”.

As we spoke these words and breathed in the healing. A priest came into our sight. His hair brown with an awkward bowl cut. He wore a robe of the brown earth.

Saint Anthony of Padua

  • Find lost objects, pets or missing people
  • Remember who you really are
  • Connect with your divinity 
  • Ease Pregnancy (birth trauma,birthing new creations and manifestations)
  • Travel Safely (Spiritual travel, astral travel)

Saint Antohony has a loving heart devoted to service, stand quietly and close your eyes, call his name evereal times. Then state your request and ask for his help, you may feel a slight breeze or a sense of warmth which signals his presence.

-The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels

“If you think there’s more to this world than what we “physically” see, then think about an eternal world that lies just behind this one.  It’s all around us – present to us … we just can’t see it.  In that world are guides who can help us along our path in this world.  These guides can be angels, or saints or the spirits of our ancestors.  These guides sit in the presence of the Divine Creator many of us refer to as God.  They join their intentions / prayers with ours, but because they are already in that eternal world, they make our prayers stronger.  In simple terms, they help us from heaven.”

The Saints are like stars. Christ conceals them in a hidden place so that they might not shine before their time. But they’re always there, ready to do so.  ~St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony’s Asking us to devote our love to thine self. To focus our energy and gifts to the child that lives within us. For when we do this Spirit will provide us with all the wisdom we seek and naturally just naturally our gifts will shine light onto those that are in need of our love. For we know these gifts come from a higher power. We do not push or pry to be seen; we remain humble in our offerings in our practice and Spirit will show and shower us with all that we need.

I will say it again and again the Spiritual walk is not a walk of material wealth. It is not a walk of wishing to be seen and known. The Spiritual walk is one of intimacy with Spirit and devotion to self study.

As we breathed in this wealth of knowledge a euphoric wave of healing took over our bodies. The vibrations so profound yet gentle all in one.

The caterpillar took shape and flowed freely over the meadow in all her beauty. The butterfly seeks the pollen of the Holy Liily as she feeds from the Divine nectar she is given strength to continue her flight. The wind at times carries her along. As her wings flutter the golden honey of the divine nectar naturally flutters from her wings. From simply just being who she is, her gold graces this earth and travels far by love within the wind of the Great Spirit and her dear Grandmother Earth.

Mother is calling to you my loves. Go to her. Sing to her. Pray to her, talk with her. She is in need of our assistance. She not only chose you, she created you, she birthed and gave you life. She is calling you to help her now.

We were gifted with the essence of the Unicorn. Breathe the Unicorn deep within your being.

The Unicorn represents Divine Duality and magic

“When Unicorn comes to you as a Spirit Animal, the common message is that you need to reclaim your childhood faith and the ability to truly see the wonders of the world. Now is the time for you to embrace creativity. Get out the crayons and work mandalas into an image of personal power. As you do, let Unicorn help you release negative vibes from your aura.

Unicorn may appear as a guide for opening your psychic gifts. People sometimes fear the vast amount of knowledge available to us through various mystical practices. The Unicorn reminds you that, when used wisely, your abilities are a blessing.

Lightworkers tell us that a Unicorn Spirit Guide often comes when you are going through exceptionally trying times. Unicorn may bring you messages from the Angels or the Divine that encourage and prop you up; this is a time when you must feed your soul with pure intention. Open yourself to the energies Unicorn bears and let the process of healing begin.”

Rest well my loves, i’m here if you need me. 

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