Ancient Pisces Moon Goddess Sedna

In the Arctic Tundra, one follows strict protocols when it came to hunting and food. Honor the animal spirits, especially those of the sea.

Sedna was their Goddess of the Sea. There are many stories of Sedna. One is told of her beauty and youth. She was not pleased with those who came to wed her, those called upon by her father. It is told that the beautiful Sedna married a dog instead.

Her father furious, threw her to the sea and cut off all her fingers, as she gripped to his boat.

Sedans heart harder and she sunk to the bottom of the sea. Here in the depths of the sea Sedna birthed a fish tail. Her fingers became creatures of the sea.

Sedan’s heart eventually softened as she embraced the creatures that lived within the depths of the ocean.

The fisherman were fearful of Sedna. At times she brought forth storms and enormous waves.

Rituals were performed to honor Sedna and the abundance she provided within the sea.

Pisces is ruled by the ocean. Its connection to the unconscious mind of the Goddess. This is a direct path into our depths, where our gifts can be found.

Own all of yourself. The good and the bad. The crazy and the peace. The anger and the love. You have the ability to forgive making room for greatness to grow and thrive.

When you have fallen, call on Sedna to wash away and calm the storms that are alive within.

The salty waters may sting, yet they will cleanse and heal.

Sedan’s sacred animal is the seal.

Creating an altar to Sedna can be done by adding elements of the sea and water

Dreams become more abundant during the Pisces moon. While in our dream state we move through the fluid dream world as if swimming in the sea. We are capable of accessing signs and symbols to aid us in our paths. Embrace this time to swim deep into your dream state asking your helping spirits to aid in your dreams’ meaning. Write down,draw or create art in any form of the signs that stand out. Sit in meditation for healing for clarity.

  • We are all born with gifts and during this time our gifts will heighten. 
  • This is a dreamy and emotional time, the Pisces moon. 
  • Allow your creativity to flow freely. 
  • Be sure to ground yourself often to not lose your footing and sense of reality during this time. You may feel more open and sensitive to others. 
  • Be mindful to sit with large decisions during this time. 
  • Do not ignore any emotions that may surface and allow them to bubble so they may be released. 
  • Trust your gut.
  • Now is the time to let go and forgive so that you may embrace the soul heart of others and not hold onto their suffering as their truth. 
  • Know that all that is shown to you is a reflection of self. 
  • Practice compassion and self love.
  • Rest

In what ways do you feel this Pisces Moon moving in?

In what ways have your been called to embrace the sea and or water?

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