Collective Distant Soul Sessions 8.25.20


As we moved into the Healing space we were greeted in the Sacred Ceremony. The Ceremony was well underway upon our arrival.

Spirit is telling us that we walk in ceremony at all times. Look to each moment as Sacred. This life indeed is sacred. We come to this earth to experience life as a human and do not miss out on these moments. What may seem bad is just as important as the good. Often the difficult and harsh experiences are Rites of Passages. Look to these moments as a blessing for not only the lesson, the experience and the ability to feel the depths.

In what ways do you celebrate in ceremony?

As we entered the mystical dimension and space of the ceremony we became aware of the Sacred Dancer. The Dancer aids in unlocking energy within our bodys and energy fields. The movements help to distribute the flow within. This helps us to journey even deeper within. The Sacred Dancer dances to beat and rhythm that is only within the self. The music and life force that flows throughout. The Sacred Dancer will shake loose any false truths so that we may see clearer and dance to our own beat. The beat and heart of Mother Earth. The Heart of Mother Earth is our life force. This energy is the Goddess, the Kundalini born within us all.

The Sacred Dancer wore a Headdress (Tribal Attire) of the Coyote medicine. The Coyote often represents that of the “Trickster”. In this session this is true. The Trickster shows up to show us and teach us lessons. That the truths we are telling ourselves, the lies we are owning are not of truth and rather sabotage. We are being warned of foolish beliefs we are owning. The Coyote will teach us in a way that will bring playfulness and laughter forward. We will laugh at ourselves for our foolish ways if we choose to not allow our egos to step in. Stop being so damn serious and have fun. Live your life through the eyes of a child.

As the energy shifted and moved forward the Coyote Medicine spoke of a time of Chaos that we are entering. Spirit showed a ship at sea. The waves in the sea are very rocky and a storm is indeed brewing. Spirit is firmly requesting that you seek a firm stance and a firm devotion to practice of connecting with spirit. Many will act out, many will show the face of darkness. Spirit is pleading with you to remember that this darkness you will come to find in others is a deep fear and sadness that is alive within them. This does not mean that you stand still and allow yourself to drown. You seek shelter, extend compassion but do not allow your soul and being to act as the savior or warrior. Their battles are their battles. Do not own their false truths. Be a beacon of light for others to find in the midst of these turbulent storms.

The coyote medicine showed us the energy of the “Rattlesnake”. This means a few things. One, keep yourself firmly grounded and connected to Spirit. The Rattlesnake also acts as a symbol of warning of whats to come. 

“In this case, the snake meaning is a reminder that you need to be alert to the warnings of others. Thus you should be respectful of their boundaries and be gentle and courteous towards them as they muddle through. Rattlesnake also reminds us that we should warn others before we strike.”

Breathe in the essence and energy of the Rattlesnake to aid in protecting and embracing its medicine.

Moving on…

For some, you may experience a bit of a purge. There is some detoxing that may take place that is normal.

We were gifted with a beautiful vision of the Elk, the Crow and the Wolf.

The Elk…

“The animal spirit of Elk is one of strength, nobility, pride, survival, and stamina.”

The Elk is a symbol of community and oneness. The Elk is a leader or light paving the path to healing and expansion. When the storm settles the Elk will maneuver through the debri gracefully and humbly protecting all that find its light, its medicine.

The Crow…

“In many Native American tribes the crow is revered as the sacred keeper of law; an oracle of divination and magic and a symbol of rebirth and change. They are powerful spirit guides and the message of their medicine should not be ignored despite the negative myths surrounding the crow.”

The Crow has the ability to ShapeShift this allows us to embrace the oneness that surrounds us. This gift allows us to ride that darkness as a vehicle of transformation. The Crow has a strong throat which will be needed to stand up and lead others. This does not mean a strong throat to stand in front of hundreds of people but a strong voice that is fearless when speaking in truth. Do not be afraid to speak up and stand up for what is right. Do not allow the ego of others to consume you. Be the Elk in your stance, be the Crow in your voice. Know when to walk away.

Media is not your friend in these times. If you continue to consume yourself with media you continue to lower your vibration. Do you want to rise or sink?

Our hearts during this healing expanded drastically. There are areas in our foundations that were weak and in need of clearing. Fill these areas with a new light and allow your heart to grow. Do not fill in these areas with the ruble that was just cleared away.

The Wolf…

“For Native Americans, the wolf is a guide. We all carry something wolf-related inside of us. There are moments in life where we must take advantage of our brave, wise, and prudent spirit and let it out. That’s basically what wolf medicine is all about: resorting to our inner strength and strategic capacity to face important challenges.”

Breathe in the Wolf into all of your being. Allow the Wolf to unite with the Rattlesnake, the Elk and the Crow. Allow the power of this ally to seep into all of your being.

Take a moment today to breathe in these allies. Pay attention to your dream state and the days to come. What surfaces are indeed present to clear so that you may fill your soul with expansion of the heart. 

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