Collective Distant Healing


Today Healing was very long, long and subtle. As the energy moved in we were greeted with the essence of the Serpent right away. The Serpent represents the life force within us and around us. This energy spoke of rest and a need of refuel. It is time to retreat and tend to our needs. We have put off that which we need to flourish for too long.

This energy brought in the essence of the Rhinoceros. The Rhinoceros spoke of our bodies needing a Spiritual Detox. Cease the need to wage wars within and throughout existence. To soften our stance. The Rhinoceros is heavy and strong and can not soften to the point of weakness. The Rhinoceros stands firm. 

Stand firm in our values. Stand firm within our faith. Allow our perspectives and the stories to soften around us. Soften the gaze so that the heart may open.,a%20very%20strong%20physical%20presence.&text=Among%20others%2C%20the%20rhinoceros%20spiritual,%2C%20inner%20peace%2C%20and%20unconventionality.

We are being asked to open our eyes and heart more and to quiet the mind. Spirit spoke of how there is a fight we are so focussed on that we are missing the messages, signs and life that surrounds us.

Spirit is asking us to not only notice the fragrant of the roses but to be the fragrant of the roses. To want peace, is to know peace, breathe peace, be the life force of peace. Do not only speak of peace, do not only act in peace, truly and authentically find peace in your heart and be peace.

Drink lots of water, I must say this Spirit is being quite demanding of this point. Water is the blood lines of Mother Earth. Know the importance of this element and honor its existence.

Spirit is asking to be less harsh on others. That many want the same things in this life but are very unclear on how to obtain these things. Our actions and words, often if not connected to truth are not graceful but the wants within the heart are that of the man who walks in harmony. The aggressive do not know. We plant seeds of harmony and peace by being the example of love. Remember their hearts are with yours.

There were too many visions to recount this round. I laid with this energy for a very long time. Personally needing this intimate moment with the Divine.

Know that Archangel Jophiel is working with us in this healing. The first Angel spoken of in the Bible. The name meaning “Beauty of God” Jophiel guards the TREE OF LIFE with a flaming sword. He drove Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden, freeing them so they could experience life more fully. The fiery sword cuts through all illusions.

Jophiel will aid in manifesting joy and happiness, illuminate your life and see the beauty around you. Teaching us to love the power of light within creation. His voice is sweet and harmonious reminding us of the magnificence of spiritual pursuits. Bringing inner wisdom, illumination and consistency. Jophiel will aid in doing well on exams (lessons), cleansing of home and self, overcome ignorance, banish prejudice, protect the environment, bring life back to Spiritual practice and enhance creativity.

Jophiel comes through often with the golden yellow, silver tunic, penetrating blue eyes. His wings cast a golden yellow light over everything. (The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels)

Breathe Jophiel into all of your being, allow the energy to seep into every part of self. Soften the areas that have hardened. Removing illusions and false truths to make room for the freedom and beauty that surrounds you.

With that we had the essence of the Owl with us; the Owl sits within the darkness to aid us in maneuvering through uncharted, unseen waters being our guide through darkness so that we may see the light.

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