Energy Update 08/09/2020

Hello everyone how are you feeling?
If anything may be surfacing know that this is normal.
Many are feeling an increase in anxiety.
There is a push to work with past lives and/or generational time lines.
Work now to brace yourself. There may be a roll of darkness moving in for many.
We can not change whats to come but we can change how we will choose to swim
in these depths.
Will you sink or choose to own and ride the wave?
If you sink know that this is a time of rebirth.
In whatever way you move through these times is perfect.
There is no good or bad, no difference between Dark and Light.
Only Oneness exist.
If you sink you are born again. If you swim you are born again.
Everyones lessons unique to self, yet connected as one.
So with that brace yourself, ground yourself, love yourself and what ever way you choose to swim you will grow, you will heal.
If you sink you will learn to swim, if you swim you will learn to sink.
By sinking you teach another, by swimming you make way for another to learn the cycle.
Storms are to come, storms will subside.

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