Collective Healing


Today’s Healing was all about Purification and Cleansing. Cleansing of our energetic bodies and its importance to maintain the practice of Cleansing our energy field on a daily basis.

The energy waves cut in deep in Ancestral Wounds clearing away false truths so that we may indeed see the truth. We were greeted with the energy of Dark Panther. The hunter who maneuvers through the darkness with impeccable site.

Allow the Panther to sit in the depths of the forest. The forest is an ancient one and represents all of you. Allow the Panther to devour that which is holding you back.

The sight of the Owl looks over us giving us the gift of sight. Breathe in the Owls essence into all of your being. Knowing that to be blessed with this gift you will see all not just the good. The gift of the Owl allows you if you choose to accept to see all sides. The ability to understand the man that murders along with the one that dies. You will feel and know both their pains. Only if you choose to accept. If you deny the gift the turmoil of non understanding will follow you.

Spirit is asking you to cleanse yourself. Wash away the past and move forward. Take pride in your practice and know of its importance. Your practice is what will sustain you, you play a vital role in the transformation of our planet.

You are the butterfly taking flight. Do not become entrapped in the web of life. I saw you as the butterfly stuck in a spider web. The Spider Web represents the Web of Life, the Spider Web represents manifestation and creation. Do not become so consumed with the creation or the cycle of life that you become entrapped. In other words to not let this world bring you down. Do not get caught up in the drama and anger. Continue to fly spreading love and healing.

The beautiful Cleopatra was with us along with her strong connection to Great Egypt. We cleared out 1 promotional skeleton of the past today. 1 piece leads many more to follow. Cleopatra gives to us a gift of protection and everlasting love. She breathes into you a piece of self lost long ago. She will be your strength when you feel weak. 

Read her story, this story represents so many aspects of us right now. Do not allow the sadness, the loss of one or self to consume us.

Drink lots of water today and pay attention to any shifts within your heart and sight.

Be sure to ground yourself we left our bodies today and traveled deep within.

Much love to all!


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