Spiritual Guided Messages 6/1/2020

Kundalini Reiki Level I Attunement – Attunement Tune-up – Collective Healing

As the healing began we were greeted with the energy and essence of the Wild Horse. The Wild horse ran freely on the shore of the ocean basking in the Sun, as it lifted to greet the day.

The fire of the sun represents the life force within you. The heat of the sun is here to warm that which no longer serves you. The heat is here to soften the areas that have become hardened so light may enter. The light of the sun feeds your soul with nutrients allowing light to fill the areas that are depleted.

The Vast Ocean represents our emotional state and life’s experiences. At first the sea may excite us, healing and freeing our soul. As you look out into the ocean you’re limited on how much you can actually see with your physical eyes. We do not see beyond a certain point. So how can we place such high expectations on self or others? When we simply do not know.

Spirit leads me, where I can no longer see. Spirit shows me the way.

We were shown a Blind Witch with profound sight. The sight of “Mystical Seer”.

The depths of our oceans; the water beneath is not clear and it is endless; it takes strength and endurance to dive down into these endless depths. Be kind and gentle with yourself and where you are at. Like the wild horse you can not obtain that which is needed to reach these depths without work and time.

The blind witch was not easy on the eyes. Yet hard to look away from.

“Awareness is not always presented in ways that may seem easy to view. To turn away from that which is difficult to view, difficult to feel or difficult to acknowledge is where we are in need of nourishment and healing.”

The Blind Witch speaks of protection and foolery.

I ask you to be careful of whom you look to for advice. One who claims to be a Holy Man may not be behind closed doors. Sometimes evil dresses in a very pretty outfit often speaking very clever words. Those who claim to be higher than miss one important piece to the puzzle. Humble. A true Holy man is humble and a servant to “Creator, Great Spirit”

The blind Witches’ eyes were the color of Selenite. This energy and amplification protects that which is needed to reach into these depths. Amplifying the areas in which need highlighted and shifted.

As the energy shifted a castle emerged.

The Castle represents us and our conditioning our beliefs. In what ways are we locked in a castle being told what to do, how to think and feel? This Castle, this house represents our energetic makeup. Each room is an area, a door to open and rediscover. Maybe an area in need of cleaning or purging. An area in need of light.

The Castle represents not only areas in need of freeing but a safe haven and a refuge as well. A place to seek healing and refuel. Castles can be built upon the sand as well. Allowing the tide to wash away the Castle when the timing is right.

Whose castle will you choose to reside in and seek comfort. Will it be the castle built on your heart,  your self discovery and your truths. Or will be the Castle and conditioning of false truths or others.

We return to our Wild Horse, the horse that is us. We need to be wild and free. Yet we crave the walk of life that is balanced and structured. We crave unity. This can be found by discipline to our healing practice and devotion to Spirit.

In some Native cultures when the wild one became too wild they became ill within. The council felt sometimes the illness threatened livelihood of the community. They were sometimes pushed out of the community.

To be wild and free is much different then dangerous and harmful. How one can find the balance is through devotion to Spirit. This goes back to the Blind Witch and the Vast Sea and leads back into trust.

To trust that which we do not see or know. To balance the wild that lives within us. To build  the strength we need to swim deep into our depths. To be strong enough to open all the doors in the castle it takes one thing Devotion to self and Spirit. Devotion to your Healing practice.

Focus on one thing and allow that one thing to grow and bloom.

We were given the essence of the color Orange.

Be wild and free with movement and creative energy to help flow the love and light. The color orange aligns with the fire within the fire of the Sun. The heat of the sun’s rays. The creativity of the painted sky. The Gold that lives within the castle. The Gold that lives within. There is monetary gold others try to fool us with, their words and illusions. Choose the Golden sand that we can dance, play and bath in. 

We were gifted with a little puffy bird to breathe into our essence. The bird was unknown to me and Spirit is asking you to connect and know the bird that is right for you.

So if you see or know the bird that came through please share. Each person’s perspective on the bird may differ. This is for you to know and see your truth and connection.

This is in all healings and messages. This is in all of life. Our perspectives differ. Our visions and feelings have such deep meaning.

Nobody can know your truth but you, Nobody can know your heart but you. Nobody can tell  you what this Attunement/Healing holds for you but you. You breathe this deep into your lungs and trust the love sent is pure and that is all you need to know.

Lastly we walk with Quan Yin and the energy and essence of the Grandmother Spirit.

Quan Yin’s energy is much like Mother Mary’s energy. Associated with eternal peace and the calming essence of water.

Grandmother energy is very similar but a bit more stern. Grandmother is very old and very protective.

“For those who have lost “Mothers, Grandmothers and Mother-Like figures within your life or within you. Breathe in this energy deep into your heart. She has returned; she is within you.”


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