Explore the Goddess 5/27/2020

Week 3

Today as we moved into the healing space we were greeted with the essence of a massive Bull. The Bull is with us to aid in helping us push through difficulty.

The Bull showed us areas in which there is a need for healing. Deeply rooted areas of pain..

Do not to give up and ask Spirit to take you deeper. Take you to the root of these pains. 

The bull represents the pain and strength to push through the suffering. It is all one.

What in your life is needed now, to reach the awareness and healing you desire. This will not come with grace or with ease. In order for you to see its negative impact on your life it may come in a less desirable forms. 

The Bull is like Ganesha. In order for you to seek the Wisdom, Spirit will often place a hurdle, a lesson in front of you.

The obstacle, the hurdle, the Rite of Passage. One must not remove, push away or ignore. Once brave enough one will look deeply into the eyes of the beast, the lesson. The gift will show its face.

Joy and happiness are not things one can see or be obtained through items. Joy and happiness are feelings and vibrations. As I continued to breathe in the energy of the bull. An Eagle emerges.

The Eagle is asking you…

“Find your route into the Spirit world”

Often the Great Seers have a road map of how the contact Spirit. Sometimes breathing into the Earth through the mind with imagery and imagination. Taking plenty of time breathing here.. Eventually one may come to a Holy River or a tree. Painting the whole scene within the mind. Leading into a journey to the Spirit World. This is often referred to as the Lower World.

As I breathed in the Eagle words the Eagle took flight into the heavens. 

Spirit is asking us to use these gifts and these teachings to help us connect and speak with Spirit. We are so focused on self, woes and even others that we are only living in the Middle World. The Eagle is asking us to come fly to heavens, to the Upper World.

“Look up”

As we took flight I felt the energy of Ancestors, Spirits close to us that have moved on. Here to comfort us and let us know we are on the right track.

As I allowed the messages and essence of the Eagle to move through our bodies. Spirit asked us to breathe in the warmth and healing of the Sun.

The essence of the Sun warmed our bodies and removed any areas and blocks that are alive within us.

I ask you to dig deep into the inner child that is alive within you. Ask this child where she feels unloved and unprotected?

Pain of the present triggers the pains of the past. No matter how much time you have spent on these areas there is always a possibility of their return. Their return is not to destroy you or bring you down; the return of past pains is a moment to teach you.

Have you journeyed to the pieces lost long ago? Have you brought back the missing pieces of self?

Spirit is asking us to breathe the essence of the sun deep into our beings to allow the removal of old false truths about self.

As you breathe into your essence say out loud.

“I love you, I forgive you, I forgive myself

I forgive myself, I forgive myself, I forgive myself

I forgive myself, I forgive myself, I forgive myself

I forgive myself, I forgive myself, I forgive myself

I forgive myself, I forgive myself, I forgive myself”

I saw the Goddess Mother enslaved, trapped. She had shackles and chains holding her back. The chains are the negative words you say about yourself. The Shackles are the expectations you place on self.

Allow the essence of the sun to breathe deep into your being. Shining light and healing to the area that you have abused in self. To areas you have enslaved yourself. You have placed the Goddess within your own prison, your own ego.

I ask you my dears release her, release the Goddess. You are the Goddess Mother.

Allow her energy to rise and fill your essence with joy and bliss. Feel her vibration pulsate throughout your entire being and say out loud. Write it on a paper and carry it with you.


(The Bull, The Sun, The Eagle, The Upper World all represent the Divine Masculine. Know that you are safe in the arms of Great Spirit trust where you are being led. Forgiveness and love will help clear the path.


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