Explore the Goddess 5/6/2020

As I prepared Sacred Space and called in the energy the Essence of the Dragonfly moved in. 


The Dragonfly speaks of embracing your gifts.

“The heart is pure in order to give off your gifts you must give from its purity.”

We were greeted right away with enchanting mystical energy of the…

Queen Goddess Faery

She took deep into the Forest, the forest represents us and all our layers.

In what area are you overgrown and have not tended to?

In what areas are the thorns sharp and piercing?

“It is beautiful to be wild and untamed. Creatures will seek refuge within depths but if the thorns are too sharp to let even the purest of creatures in how will the beauty and the heart be welcomed and embraced.”

The Great Owl came in to help us walk through the darkness, the thorns.

The energy became stuck in the area above the ribs. Past wounds surfaced. 

Is there something you’re holding onto? 

Let this go today, it only stops the flow of energy within you.

As I breathed deep to release old anger of the past. The Goddess Mother came through welcoming us to come with her.

She took us to a babbling creek. She asked for us… 

“Listen closely to the creek. Within the babble and chatter of the water you will find the voices, the sounds that reside within the earth. You will hear my song.”

I listened closely and the sound became a beautiful buzz of whispers within the water. 

Goddess Mother

“I am asking you to exercise your imagination. Place that which you wish to see within your mind and its will indeed be seen. First be mindful for what you wish.”

The energy and essence of the Woodpecker came in very large and strong.

The Woodpecker spoke of persistence and truth.


The Woodpecker spoke…

“There may be things in our life we are questioning. The persistence and dedication to your practice of silence and sitting with self. Your devotion is to self and clearing the mind will show the truth. What is alive within your heart is right, your feelings are true. Do not try to change these things instead honor what is alive.”

Lord Hanuman

“Just as no other will know what is within your heart. You will not know what is alive within another’s heart. Let go and release the expectations you have placed on others. Embrace or walk away. Release harmful ways of thinking.”


Mother is asking us to release any harm that is alive within us so that we may become deeply engaged with her and walk the path beside her.

She showed us that things we are questioning are true and to trust my gut and intuition. 

To practice forgiveness and compassion in all truths.

At this point the energy became so hot and numbing. The lower part of my body is humming. The heat is almost too much to withstand.

A cool numbing sensation filled my throat chakra as if the Spiritual Hands of the Creek Water were placed there to heal our voice and throat.

I began to swim in a Mystical Sea of Stars pure bliss and freedom. 

Our Dear beloved Merlin made himself known yet again.

“To know the Mother is to have the eyes of a wee one. The child longs for the Mother’s embrace. The child’s eyes are pure and innocent. The child’s eyes are able to see and feel freely. Embrace the inner child that is alive within you. If this child needs healing bring her forth. Allow her to have all the protection and love of the Mother, of you. You are the Goddess Mother.”

“Now go off and play, be wild and free and know that the Mother is breathing away, always with you. For my heart is always within the heart of you.”  -Goddess Mother

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