Earth Star

As I closed my eyes the essence of the color Purple moved in. The color purple represented Angelic Beings and passed loved ones.

Is there someone that has moved on from this plane that you call for or long for. Take comfort in knowing they were present today. Give thanks to them for this.

Our Loved ones

“Look for the magic and mystery within life. Believe in the unseen magic that lives around you and within you”

Spirit began to dance (spiritual dancing/ceremony) upon the Ancient Sea…

“The Ancient Sea is you. The sea is made up of every experience and emotion that makes up your being. It holds stories untold and long forgotten. It is wisdom that you have obtained for you to tap into.

Spirit showed your energy very large dancing and floating on top of the waters.

“I ask you to learn to dance and go with the flow and rhythm that you are presented with. You asked for stillness yet you created storms of chaos off in the distance and allowed these storms to manifest and consume you. The sky may seem cloudy but only for a moment. The sun and the fire continue to shine and burn. Allow your breath within a moment of stillness to carry away the clouds and storm.

Apollo the God of Sun and Light spoke…

“You asked for silence and a moment to breathe. Now you wish this moment away before you even have a chance to catch your breath.

I ask you to find the vibrations and heartbeat that is alive within the trees, the stones, flowers and water. Stop telling yourself these stories of fears and sadness and find the stories alive within the Earth.

You miss connection. Then connect but remember no other human can give you connection but you. Find the connection and the stories that live deep within the Earth. These stories are true.”

Apollo goes on…

“Be kind to one the one you are angry with the one whom has hurt you. You do not know what is alive within them. This does not mean that they become a part of their story of chaos. By holding on the emotions that you are attaching to them you are creating chaos from a false story. You can and will never know the reason behind their chaos so do not allow the chaos to come into you and become a part of you.”

I was shown a camp of ancient times a Brother of the Land stood before us. He takes his hands and holds it out open and gestures for us to look.

“The Great Rains have come. The Rains represent your emotions and what is alive within you. Mothers Earth heard your cries and has given you this time to release. The waters that run through earth are becoming swollen with tears and the purge of energy. As it rains we still must show and honor our Mother. She has answered your prayers and has given you this time. So retreat to the inner comfort and warmth of the heat of the Great Fire The Life Force that lives within you. Seek nourishment and restore yourself by the fire. There will come at time to set sail in the Great River. I ask you Sisters and Brothers to pay attention to the flow of the river. Pay attention to the rains. Mother Earth holds all the answers you need only to be still and listen.”

Brother gave us the essence and gift of the Fox change and awareness
Mother Earth gave us the essence of the Possum, stillness and awareness
Hollys highest self breathes in the essence of the Bear (my spirit animal) to give you comfort, warmth and protection.
Mother Earth…

“You have placed so much energy on enhancing and strengthening your sight, intuition and gifts. You need only to find the heartbeat of the earth within the elements. Once you are able to find stillness and silence you feel the life and wisdom that lives within the stones. You feel and know the life that breathes through the waters. Find the heartbeat and will know all her stories”

Spirit worked on clearing your Earth Star Chakra today. Without this connection your intuition will not be clear. In order to hear you must be silent.
A green orb of light moved in at the end to validate the presence of the Divine Goddess Mother Earth. Find you rhythm and dance my loves find that heartbeat.

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