The Everlasting Sea

We are all born with intuition. We are all born to tap into a well of Healing and Knowledge. The further we strayed from living within and one with the Elements and all of Creation these gifts got pushed down. These gifts are still there.
We need to exercise our intuition and trust where we are. You are here for a reason.
One thing that I have found has been a key element to whom I am and whom I’ve always been. Is my imagination.
Being able to tell stories helps us to take our Intuition to a higher level. How we choose to retell the story is in our own unique way. May it be through writing, dance, song or painting these are only a few examples.
Being able to tell stories allows us to to go deeper into our Healings. The Healing isnt over when you open your eyes or remove your hands. Allow the Healing to continue to flow as your connect with your intuition to Channel Messages onto paper/computer or other medium.
With this all being said. Often it is hard for us to “See” for ourselves. We MUST have a daily practice where we empty the clutter within. To reach Zero point is to Swim in an Everlasting Sea of Wealth and Knowledge all that is you.
The more comfortable you become Clearing and Swimming in this Sea the more you will “See” the messages that surround you in your every moment.
Healing is a mind set. Healing is not 1 hour of laying hands on self or another. Healing is in all you do. There are messages in all you do. Practice clearing oneself first. So that you may see that which has always been there.
One day you may see a Goddess before, one day you may feel the Goddess within you and many days you will Swim in all that is you to Swim is to “See” nothing. To swim you empty and receive deeper inner knowledge.

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