Overflow of Light

April 13th, 2020 Healing

The energy began to move in through sound. True sounds of the elements and Nature. The Element of Thunder is roar to wake us up and get our attention.

“Are you truly listening? The roar of the thunder is mighty, strong and powerful. Do not run from its warning. The warning of change that which is needed to evolve and rise to your purpose.”

As I moved into the Healing well of course what is Thunder without Lightning. The Thunder moves in to grab our Attention. The Lightning comes to ignite and spark the Light within. Lightning holds the Element of Fire. Fire can transform but when not tended to Fire can destroy and even kill.

“Are you ready, are you prepared for the moment the sun rises and the storm subsides? We are in the midst of the Storm and the Great Shift. Spirit is asking us to dive deep into the waters. Now is not the time to walk around the pool of water before you. To over look the storm that lives within. Spirit is asking us to dive deep into our Infinite Sea. Too hold the Essence of the Great Fish and swim to your deepest depths. Releasing all cords and attachments. All false truths.”

Spirit brought through the energy and Essence of Sarasvati. 

Asking us to honor our creative gifts and dive deeply into our passions of creations.

The Essence of the Swan was with us.

“You can look from afar at my beauty or you can be brave enough to Swim. To Swim along side Spirit is to have no fear and everlasting trust.”

As I lifted my voice in song to channel the Healing Lord Ganesha moved in with the Lotus. Showing us the beauty that lives with tide.

“If we do not purge and remove our Egos the beauty begins to suffocate and drown.”

Ganesha is here to not only show us our distractions but to validate Sarasvatis request and support the flow of Creation.

As I breathed in deeply the warmth and love of Lord Vishnu filled the room. In these moments of true connection there are no words to describe the peace that overcomes one. Tears fell from my face.

Lord Vishnu both Creator and Destroyer of the Universe Lord Vishnu floats on the Cosmic Ocean Creating Dreams.

Lord Vishnu is the God of love and Creation. Restoring and creating order, harmony and balance.

Spirit is asking us to step back and fully embrace the Spirit that is within us.

“You have a choose to either get knocked down by the storm. To fight the waves. Trying to save those that are struggling to stay afloat. Continue to fight the waves and carry more then your own weight you will drown and the those you were carrying will drown too. You will have no energy left for when the storm subsides. When the storm ceases and the Suns drys the land will you have the ability to lead and inspire those that are ready to seek healing from the trauma of the storm.”

Spirit is asking us to devote our energy inward to craft our skills. To connect with ourselves and Spirit on a profound level. To submerge ourselves in our connection.

You will be looked upon for wisdom and knowledge. Now is the time to fill your cup. Soon you will pour healing from not your cup but the overflow of your light.

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