Rebel Queen, Rise

Constricted to rules

Lessened by others false power

Controlled by deceitful lies of religion


















She was beat down and weary, a voice telling her to stop the fight to the journey

A light within, a whisper “keep going, don’t give up, don’t let their demons defeat you”


With every step, every turn in the road. Confused by lies told so many times.

“Is this the right way to go? Should I, could, would I turn around?”


A firm yet gentle voice whisper, “No, you keep going”


The stories of suffering relieved and retold.

Your voice roars and in a quick moment weakens again and again.

Yet within another quick spin you find your core and lift your voice yet again.

With every rise on the chest your voice deepens with power.


“Is it worth it, should I go on? I longed for truth but now I see more lies and more deceit”

Then all of sudden you hear your voice, your cries of freedom.

So powerful, so beautiful. A song of only a songbird could sing, a tale to be told.


You keep clearing, you purge.

You removed the hands of abuse from your throat, your remove the fire that raged with hate, that burned your skin, you break the shackles of the coward pathetic man.

Your voice roars your heart beats. You can not stop the healing passion so deep within. You start to sing, you start to dance, you start to feel alive and free.


You break through the ice cold water that numbed and protected your soul to the Rebel Queen you were always destined to be.


You drink from buttercups, you play with the fairies of the sun, you make love to dark midnight sky, you dance with moon, you howl with the wolves, your cry with the rain.


Your soul lifts and dances to the beat of the moving earth, the mother covers your skin with her cool brown soil. You dance to rhythm of your heart, you dance to the beat of your own unique vibration.


Rise up, Rebel Queen

Rise Up,

Sing Your Song,

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