The Golden City

The dream has haunted my waves for many years. A dream of the city, so hard to reach.

My tribe under attack numerous dreams. As we fought and ran through the land we reach a point of no return. We stand barley clothed, our skin kissed with the sun and arrows in hand. We stand upon a large tree. We have no other choice but to plunge into the blue waters, to swim to our salvation. It is a struggle to swim, a fight lost. I’m left to drown in these waters.

My spirit lifts and I find myself crossing a bridge to “The Golden City”. In this city I find bliss like no other. As if I found myself whole in this place. I know it’s time to wake and my heart fills with despair.

As I blink to adjust my eyes, in between the awaken yet still within the travels of my dream. A man stands before me young and old. One sits still in silence, glowing in white gold. Another in blue ready to share. No words expressed, a silent vibration, a silent exchange of wisdom.

They leave me on quest to lift my voice. To clear my throat to dig deep and let the power roar from within my core. To gain power and control that I have never had. I long to dream of the city I long to see the Sikhs that came to visit me. I long to know them more.

Only time will answer my questions, if they are to be answered. If they are not already. The voice within tells me “I know all, I am afraid to see and say”.

The dream returns not long ago. I finally reach inside the walls of the Temple. I found myself inside full of fear. There is women dressed in robes, her skin tan her hair dark as midnight. Her voice calming and gives me peace.

“My God is your God. This this is the home where you worshiped and your prayers were answered. You know that you lived on to teach your children these gifts. To teach your children of the God you became so close to and have never forgot. The tickle on your crown, the voices the visions. You asked to be reminded of who you once were. You picked this path so that you could lose yourself time and time again. Only to find and learn the lessons you so desired. This is home. This is where your journey began.”

“You will see death and birth. You will not speak of these things. You know that there is truly is no end. This is no concept easy to understand. The cycle will go on and that is what you are here to teach. Not to the world but only to those that seek to find the secrets”.

These are messages, these are my visions. I still have no answers, I still know nothing. There is an inherent wisdom that can not be denied. A way of being that did not come from my blood of this realm. Things known that can never be explained. I am still simply me. Nothing has changed. I am asked to speak after years of silence, rejection and isolation.

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