Touch The Lives Within Your Reach & You Will Be Able To Touch The world

In today’s world we are usually on fast forward. Teaching our children to go, go, go. Instilling beliefs that success comes in material things, pride and ego. This false way of being leaves us empty inside. True success, is a person who loves themself within and radiates compassion to others and to the earth.

We are often quick to spend time and money on ways to heal what we have lost. Trying to fill the void we are experiencing. We unfortunately then pass this way of being onto our children.

This morning we turned the TV off, turned on uplifting Mantra music to set the mood. We sat at the table with our breakfast and talked about how and where eggs come from.

Fisher really wasn’t feeling his food at the time, so we started to draw. Troy had no interest in engaging in this activity he was more concerned with watching YouTube on my phone. I didn’t force him to join us. Within 20 minutes he decided on his own to come over to the table. He sketched and practiced drawing his favorite animals.

I know many do not have time to do things like this. Start with once a week. Do not force anything. Go with the flow. I thought we would talk about eggs and chickens while we enjoyed our breakfast. Instead Spirit led us into drawing. Drawing is very calming if you allow it to be. Troy whom was totally lost in the phone was the slowest to approach, him needing this moment the most.

Ask yourself,

What is important in my life?

Make the time to nourish

yourself and children.

This healing does not require you to go anywhere, it doesn’t cost a dime it only requires your time. Time does exist. Choose to make room for what is truly important in your life. Teach your children.

Teach and touch the lives within your reach and you’ll be able to touch the world.

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