Lost Within



Often in this world we will lose someone we love. Someone that is a large part of are being. Whom makes us whole and complete. They may leave this world and continue on to the next. Leaving us with an aching in the heart and longing to reconnect. A longing to hear their voice and feel their embrace. We may have went to battle and war with them fighting for their life in one way or another. Unknown to us, “God” decided they have fulfilled their purpose and it is now time for our loved one to move on to their next journey.

Little do we know, the love that you shared still surrounds you. The embrace, the voice you miss so much is still there. We are so lost in our despair or expectations of what love should look like, that we can no longer feel what once was. You begin to lock and hold onto old memories possibly even remaining stuck in the past.

In these moments of weakness and despair, there is a true and present evil waiting to latch on to us. Waiting to overwhelm us with negativity. I often believe for those who can not feel their lost loves it’s because they are not ready. “God” is protecting you, numbing you from the unseen. In Divine timing and healing you will feel and see your loved one again. You must learn to trust and surrender to our “Creator”. Know that healing takes time and the more you focus on what you think “seeing” is the longer it will take.

We must strip ourselves of expectations and trust that “Creator” knows what is best. Some may seek out others that live in a place of fear. “Creator” will always lead you home not further away. So if you find someone who is a bit dark, in my humble opinion I’d walk away. Darkness can live in all forms, in the largest of smiles. “Gods” light lives in many and goes by many names always leading you home. Within his “Divine Embrace” fear can not exist. I firmly believe this.

I do love crystals, candles and oils. All magical tools to help in healing. I prefer some things over others. I could list what I use and why. That would be ill advice. We are all unique and all gifted in our own ways. What works for me, may not for another.

The one tool that we all have in common though is our minds. It is important to find silence within. How you choose to do so is for you to find. We must empty and maintain our minds, so that we may use our “Divine Temple and Master Piece” wisely. So that we may serve our purpose in this lifetime and spread our love to others.

We can choose to hold to past, the what ifs and the wishes. We can live in complete mindfulness and be present aswell. We can choose to fully live, if we so desire. Some will not choose this path and that is not for us to judge or persuade.

Find what gives you joy, find what gives you peace, find what empties your mind.

  • Start by saying a prayer, cry to our “Creator” release all the fear and doubt.
  • Rub your hands together (activate the healing within), ask for healing and clarity. Release all expectations.
  • Place your hands on your heart, stomach, legs wherever you feel guided to go, whatever feels comfortable.
  • Slowly breath in through your nose and our through your mouth. Stay in this place for however long you want.
  • Rolls your eyes up and in between your eyebrows, relax the gaze do not force anything. Watch the light show within. Feel the sounds around you. Do not force anything away or in. Just relax and be still. If something arises of discomfort picture it in love or light and watch it fade away as you continue to breathe.
  • Whenever you rise and feel you are done give thanks for the simple nature and “Godly” gift you were born with. We were all born with this ability to heal ourselves. We must simply ask for healing and we will receive.

1 thought on “Lost Within

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. God is always watching, listening and waiting for us to trust in him and his guidance.


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