Reiki, What To Expect

Thinking about doing Reiki & have no clue what to expect? Kinda nervous? Let me break it down for you. Reiki practitioners are all unique. Our truths, experiences and gifts are all different.

If you contact me (Holly/Earth Guide) for Reiki, this is what will happen…

From the moment you reach out;  through text, phone call, email, Facebook however you feel comfortable. I will begin to receive messages from your higher-self. Before I even perform your Reiki Healing I will have a good idea on what we need to work on. This may not always be the case.

I will then schedule your Reiki. Your Reiki may be, face-to-face or Distant it all works the same for the most part. Distant Reiki, I send you Reiki. I air mail it in spirit. May seem out there but hey it works and its powerful.

No matter what form of Reiki you get, I will check your chakras and ask for your intention (what you hope to gain out of Reiki). There is no need to say your intention out loud but you may if you wish. If face-face, you lay on a very comfortable table and try to relax. I then go over your different chakras (crown/head, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus/stomach, sacral/below stomach & root/butt area I usually do upper thigh & legs). When I am focusing on an area messages start to channel in. I ask for this area to open and release anything hindering your happiness and growth.

Once the Reiki is complete, we chat. I ask you what you experienced. I then look off into space and channel guides, loved ones, ancestors, divine beings, humble teachers and your higer-self. When this happens I am receiving messages to help you grow and remove anything blocking you. I may be speaking the words but the words are not mine the words are purely your spirit telling you exactly what you need to know and hear in order to forgive, heal, let go, grow, change, find happiness and peace. Then we chat a little more.

I will send you home with some healing tea and advice. You may feel tired, happy, energetic or nothing it all. However you feel the Reiki energy is moving throughout you physically, mentally and emotionally. As you process and digest your experience reach out to me anytime day or night, happy thoughts, sad thoughts or hippy-dippy-trippy thoughts (believe me unicorns and fairies truly exist nothing can shock me). I become your friend for life, but if you want to get rid of me, no worries.

Why do I do this? Because I truly love people, the world and Mother Earth. This is my way of giving back and my small way of healing our Mother Earth. Once we being to heal we begin to reconnect with nature and begin to care again about humans and animals. Once you learn to love yourself it will spread.

This is some witchy shit!? Hell no it is not! I am a Christian. I pray all day and hand all my worries, troubles and happiness over to our Divine Creator. My children are well aware of faith and pray just as much as I do.

 Want to feel your soul dance and sing and live free? Reach out!

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