Distant Reiki

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What is Distant Reiki? It’s simple you stay in your comfort zone and receive beautiful Reiki energy. The practitioner will perform Reiki and deliver any messages that serve your highest good. This is perfect for anyone that has a busy schedule or just can’t find a time that suits both practitioner and receiver. Maybe its difficult to leave your home. Maybe you’re a bit nervous. All common issues.

Know that the beauty of Reiki and healing, in general passes no judgement. Healing is pure love, compassion and understanding. We as practitioners have no gifts to offer you we have LOVE. Our hearts once heavy looked to find understanding and peace. Once we found our peace, we began to understand ourselves and slowly fell in with ourselves and the beautiful truths we live. When you finally find your love and truth you want to share it. You being to radiate positive light and love. This is contagious, others want what you have. One person at a time is healed and the numbers multiply.

Don’t be afraid give healing a chance. Learn to love exactly who you are, learn to love others for exactly who they are and little by little your truth and your world begins to unfold.

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