Soak In Love


In my journeys inward, when my heart is heavy and in need of healing. A beautiful vision of Roses appear.

Roses are symbolic to self-love and healing. Mother Mary is often seen with a rose or roses. A Divine Being, A Divine Teacher who embodies self-love and internal healing.

Roses are full of vitamins and nutrients along with many medicinal benefits. The beautiful fragrance is mentally calming. Roses represent love, romance, happiness, healing and protection.

In a recent conversation with my higher self, a bath in roses seemed to be what was in order. Well of course I’d combine that with salt for added protection. Unaware of what salt to use. I just went with it. I knew I’d find my answer.

Dead Sea Salt, boom! For thousands of years now Dead Sea has been used for inner and outer healing. Cleopatra, found the magic within this sea. It contains a unique solar irradiation and increased oxygen density. This is a magical sea located between Israel and Jordan. That within itself is amazing! People travel from all over the world to indulge in the spiritual, mental and physical healing of this magnificent sea.

We often need to soak and wash our fear, pain, sorrow, hate and negativity away. What no longer serves us needs to be released. At times that release can be exhausting. When the weight of the world is weighing heavy on your heart and taking a toll on your spirit. Look to your Guides, your angels your guardians and remember they are always there for you. Waiting to wash your fears away and fill you with unconditional love and light!

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