Water Your Truth, So It May Bloom


Someone throwing negative energy your way? There is a crystal for that:) If negativity is hitting you, stop and check out what’s going on internally. Often there are deeply rooted thoughts, that you’re sending out. Others may or may not feel it. But positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. What you send out is what you get in return. You may easily identify crippling thoughts. Or you may need time to meditate, pray and process these thoughts. You could possibly even be denying these thoughts. Whatever the case may be, go within and see whats going on. Where is this all coming from? It’s not always easy to release negative thoughts. Sometimes its hard to admit to yucky thinking or things about yourself. But here is my advice…

It’s all part of the kick-ass journey. These yucky things are all beautiful lessons underneath the darkness. Turn around and light that darkness on fire. How else are you going to see all the dirt without light? Clean it all out, so you can finally be free. Let it rain, wash away all the junk.

I can promise you this…

The sun is waiting to shine down, that is when your beautiful truth will bloom.

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