Shine Little Light, You Are So Divine


Our children, are our greatest reflection of self. Every emotion so pure and raw. Subconsciously, our fears are often passed onto them. We take their pure and honest nature; and begin to alter their reality. Their world soon becomes weighted, spotty, their vision foggy. What was once a young youthful loving soul; is a 30+ year-old searching for a soul connection. A connection they once had before life, judgment, hurt and darkness swept in and took it all away. Many will become a victim and the cycle will continue. Some will take all the darkness and paint a beautiful masterpiece. They will frame their work and display it to the world. They will be thankful for every thorn, every cut and scar. They will become a beautiful creation. They will love every ounce of self internally and externally. They will shine so bright, they will reach out and touch others. One little light at time will begin to change the world.

When your little light is afraid or scared, remind them they are not alone. We are never alone, we have a divine army guiding and protecting us. Let our little lights listen to the wind, watch the moon, feel the sun on their skin, the rain on their face and earth throughout them. Let them breathe, hold their hands. Let them be, help them process their emotions, teach them to speak their truths. Teach our little lights and let them teach us. Heal your own little light within, your inner soul, your inner child.

Shine little light shine; you are already so great and divine.

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