What is Reiki?

Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy” also “spiritually guided life force energy.”

This is an ancient natural healing practice to reduce stress, help with relaxation, help in healing emotional and physical wounds. Aide in removal of energy blocks and allows for our energy to flow smoother.

You will lay on a cozy massage table completely  clothed in a very relaxing setting. I will explain to you everything that will take place. You may experience tingling, warm or cold sensations, you could see colors or you could simply just feel better. I will with your permission channel the Reiki energy. We, together will connect with the Universe and our higher-selves.

Once the session is over we will discuss the session and anything that surfaced and may aid you on your journey of healing.

There are a few options you may choose from. We can do the Reiki session in a beautiful location that has been specifically designed for healing or in the comfort of your home. I can also send you Reiki which is called Distant Reiki. A group session with a friend or loved one is always an option.

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