Shamanic Soul Journey Healing Sessions

Includes all healing teachings, techniques and modalities. Usui, Kundalini and Shamanic Reiki. Sound healing, Channeling, Spiritual Advice and Reflexology are just a few…

Call upon your Spirit Allies to travel through space and time to clear away any blocks that are restricting you from moving forward on your path of purpose.

Shamanic Journeys include…
– Healing Touch (Reiki)
– Healing Sound (Light Codes/Light Language)
– Past Life Regression
– Soul Retrieval
– Release of Negative Attachments & Heavy Energy
– Cord Cutting (release of negative emotions & memories)
– Integration of Healing

This healing service can be done distantly or in person.


Spiritual Counseling

Sit with me and tell me where I can assist you in your journey. I will offer advice and wisdom. Suggest tools to aide you in your journey of growth, expansion and healing.


Collective Group Healing Sessions and Workshops/Meditations

Light guided mediation to aide in calming and relaxing mind and body with Hands on Healing.

Intuitive Development & Guidance

Cost Varies

Usui Reiki Certification Level I, II, III

6-8 Hours Level I $200, Level II $300 & Level III/Master Teacher $400

Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher

4-5 Week Online Course $500

3 Distant Attunements and 1 Final In-person Attunement. The 4 Attunements combined include 12 Attunements Total.

Must Apply

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